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  1. E46 Xi Forum
    Alrighty guys, I'm back with another question. Some of you will probably tell me to stop wasting your time (I don't consider learning a waste of mine), but I'm curious nonetheless. I have a 2003 330XI with H&R sport lowering springs that I put on awhile ago and LOVE how they ride, but wish they...
  2. General E46 Forum
    Hey so I watched this YouTube video and the guy seems to have a saloon like me not sure what age but I have a 325i 2003 saloon. it’s got lowered springs just like in the video, he swaps out them for some standard sports springs, I found these and I’m just wondering if they are the same as the...
  3. Suspension and Braking
    Title says it all, let me know if anyone has any
  4. General E46 Forum
    Hi, so I have a 01 325i and I hate how my front suspension is high up, I was wondering if anybody has a set of lowering springs or coilovers for a good price rn.. lmk thanks :)
  5. Tire & Wheel Forum
    I have 2004 325cic vert with non-sport suspension from the factory. I have BMW wheels style 189, 18 x 8, ET 34 front, and 18 x 8.5, ET 37 rear. Time now for new shocks/stuts/springs. Can you suggest a suspension that will provide minimal lowering (enough to close the gap) and a quality ride...
  6. Suspension and Braking
    Have a set of Megan racing lowering springs. New, never used/installed. Open box. local pickup preferred will consider meeting a forum member halfway if located in New England. Box is pretty big so shipping might be a bit much but will ship anywhere in US if buyer pays. $100
  7. General E46 Forum
    Backstory: Back in late February I purchased the UUC Tuned Spring Set V.2 for my 330i ZHP. My main reasoning was their 100% compatibility guarantee with oem struts. After much back and forth with UUC, I finally received a box of springs today with H&R branding. I was expecting this, as a...
  8. Suspension and Braking
    These came off my AST 4100s. SOLD Pair of 60mm x 6" x 550 #/in Pair of 60mm x 5.5" 650 #/in
  9. E90, E91, E92 & E93 - General Forum
    Hello all, I wanted to do a suspension refresh on my E46 last year, so I found some good eBay deals and gathered up all the necessary parts. I never really got around to installing them until today, ~7 mos, later (oops), and before I started the process, I found that my springs were not...
  10. Suspension & Braking
    There is a fellow on craigslist who is selling a set of H&R race springs with the 31019 VA stamped onto one of the springs. There also seems to be a 2/2001 stamped on them. Is that the manufacture date? A quick google search brings up the H&R sport cup suspension kit at ECS Tuning. I have a...
  11. Suspension and Braking
    60mm ID linear springs 2x 7” 336lbs 2x 9” 560lbs Great condition 6k street miles $260
  12. California
    Hey guys! Just got coilovers and am selling my old setup. Asking $250 for the shocks and $100 for springs. 16k miles on the setup only. Located in Oceanside. Make me an offer! Here are the links to the items on ECS Tuning...
  13. General E46 Forum
    i have an 01 325xi and i am over due on shocks. when it comes to shocks i have absolutely no clue what im am talking about. but i know i want to replace the whole assembly. any recommendations for what to buy? i would love to get a sport suspension and lower it a little, but at the same time i...
  14. Suspension and Braking
    Planning out a suspension refresh and in for a penny in for a pound is the name of this game. Anyone have a decent set of lowering shocks/springs for an xi? Would prefer H&R on Bilstein but open to anything.
  15. Suspension and Braking
    I've been driving my XI with a broken rear spring for too long. I am only home for a week so I really would like to get it done. and not have to buy a new stock spring. I've pmed a couple people but they have been slow to respond and need to get one ordered. Please let me know if you have a...
  16. Suspension and Braking
    Edit: I only have front sport springs now taken out of the car if anybody needs them. Original post: My e46 325Ci coupe has sport springs installed, I am looking to increase ride height so need to switch to stock (non-sport) front and rear springs. I would either buy or trade with someone who...
  17. Suspension and Braking
    I have a partial set of early Koni shocked E46 KW V2s Non-M. The springs and shocks are in good condition and have roughly 50,000 miles on them. Kit was used for a few auto crosses and one or two track days. Only a portion of the kit was removed because car was upgraded with a partial TC Kline...
  18. Suspension and Braking
    Got a set of like new springs, put them on back in the early spring and decided recently to go for some coilovers, just had these to tide me over. Bought these from tirerack, still have the receipt and all the warranty info I'll pass on to the buyer...
  19. Suspension & Braking
    Hey guys soo every time i park and get out of the car, as soon as i get out the car lifts up and i can hear it metal . Soo im sure that means its time too replace my rear suspension. Im going to do front and rear But ive never hear anything about springs. Unless cracked or chipped do springs...
  20. Suspension & Braking
    Hey guys im thinking about replacing my struts and im just wondering what are some good names out there , and the general pricing for them, thanks in advance !
1-20 of 133 Results