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springs stock oem sport
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  1. Suspension, Steering, Braking
    Replaced my brakes this weekend and found that one of my rear springs is broken. Anyone want to sell me their springs? Looks like one green stripe on mine.
  2. Suspension, Steering, Braking
    Hi there...long time reader, first time writer. if you just lowered your car and still have your stock rear springs, I'd be glad to help you get rid of them. I live in Chicago; 2002 325i; can pick up withing 100 mile radius, will pay for shipping outside of that. Thanks -Alex
  3. Suspension, Steering, Braking
    I am looking for OEM Stock Sports Springs for e46 coupe 2001. Shipped to UK and has to be in good condition. let me know if you have for sale
1-3 of 3 Results