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  1. Suspension & Braking
    I'm in the market for a suspension refresh and I came across the Bilstein B12 Pro-Kit. $840 shipped @ Tire Rack for the shocks + springs + Struts seems like a good deal. I was wondering if this uses Bilstein Sport or Bilstein HD shocks? Also does anyone know what the contents of this kit...
  2. Wheels and Tires
    Looking for a set of good used 19" Sportline CS 16 rims with or without tires. Please message me with price if you have any. Would also consider trading for stock m3 18's plus cash.
  3. General F30 Sedan/F31 Wagon/F32 Coupe/F33 Cabrio
    Turner motorsport , USA’s leading source of performance BMW parts and BMW has ordered its latest project car. A 2012 BMW 335i F30 Sportline will be Turners first showcase for the F30 products you're going to want for your F30. Just some of the exciting things we got in mind for the F30...
  4. Suspension & Braking
    Sup Fanatics, I've done many a search with no results. Eibach has the Pro-Kit and Sportlines. When you check tirerack and the Eibach website, they claim that these set-ups will give you a 1.4 inch drop and 1.8 inch drop all the way around, respectively. However, tirerack claims that...
1-4 of 4 Results