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  1. Interior
    Interested in purchasing full set natural brown / cinnamon interior for coupe. Preferred sport seats. Need door cards as well, but willing to buy just seats or just door cards/rear side panels. Located in socal, so I can pickup almost anywhere in California, or pay for shipping.
  2. Driveline
    To remind the clueless… Next is a Supersprint Sport Exhaust. Will include new hangers and mounting hardware as well. Shoes, not included Brand new, never installed, only opened to take pictures. SOLD
  3. E46 General
    Looking for some sport seats in really good condition. I am from the Houston Area (Beaumont specifically). Cash in hand. Thanks in advance!
  4. E46 General
    Hi Just wondering will a 16" spacesaver wheel fit a 325 Ci Sport or will it foul the brakes. 16" wheels are much easier to find than 17" ones. I have a 17" wheel for my E60 that I could use to test but if 16" would do the job it would make life easier. TIA
  5. E46 General
    Hi all I'm currently stationed in Germany, driving a 2000 320CI. I was wondering about how the steptronic works, specifically this : Is the car only in sports mode if I flip over into M/S and not shift up or down? Or does it disable sport mode if I do use the steptronic to shift? I've...
  6. Suspension, Brakes
    Ok I know 9/10 of you are wondering why there is yet another post on a rear end clunk. Well I have actually read many many threads on this and I'm still out of ideas. BACKGROUND: 2001 BMW 330Ci There IS a diff cluck and I do need to change those bushings. However, this can easily be...
  7. Suspension, Brakes
    Hey guys! Did some searching on the site and found the following threads: http://forum.e46fanatics.com/showthread.php?t=1031562&highlight=vs+non+sport+struts http://forum.e46fanatics.com/showthread.php?t=1076407&highlight=vs+non+sport+struts They didn't really answer my question to the extent...
  8. E46 General
    I've been told that the interior trim on the 330ci w/sport pkg is wood. I've also been told it's plastic. Can anyone give me some clarification? Thx.
  9. UK
    Hi all, I'm looking to get my first BMW and am finding it difficult to get hold of an E46 330i Sport Touring Manual - I've heard they're quite rare. I'm after one with less than 100k miles on the clock and am based in South Wales but willing to travel far to get it. Any help would be much...
  10. Tires, Wheels
    First off - sorry for yet another "will it fit" thread. I've done a bit of searching and can't seem to find the answers I'm seeking for my specific setup, so I'm hoping someone can help guide me. I need new wheels and tires for my car, and I don't want to make any modifications (e.g. rolling...
  11. DIY: Do It Yourself
    Hi fanatics, I am installing a set of Koni Sports this weekend and I am stumped as to where a particular washer is supposed to go. The washers in question came packaged with the front struts along with the white plastic spacer/vent and the top lock nut. It is the split metal washer at the top...
  12. Driveline
    As the title states, I have the exhaust for sale. It's brand new, still in the plastic. I actually opened it so that the tips would show to take the pictures. Decided to go a different direction. I paid a little over 2k for it. Asking $1800 obo picked up. I will ship at buyers expense. *lawn...
  13. Suspension, Steering, Braking
    Full set of Bilstein Sports and H&R Sport Springs. Less than 10K miles on the whole setup. Installed by previous owner. While I liked the handling characteristics, for daily driving I wanted something closer to stock so I bought FSD's on the stock springs. Includes...
  14. Suspension, Steering, Braking
    Hi all, I'm selling the sport springs that come with the sport suspension. There are 100k miles on the springs, taken off my facelift coupe but will work with both coupes and sedans. These are a great inexpensive option for cars with the non-sport suspension as it gives the car a nice not...
  15. Suspension, Brakes
    Short version: Are the sport struts about 1.25 inches shorter than the non-sport struts? Long version: As far as I could tell (online VIN report and calling a BMW dealer), my 2002 330i did not have the sport suspension, so I ordered some non-sport KYB shocks and struts. When I tried to replace...
  16. Wheels and Tires
    FOR SALE: OEM Staggered set of four OEM 17" style 68 M Sport rims off my 2002 330Ci. Im told these will fit all E36 318, 325, 328, and M3 and E46 323, 325, 328, and 330, please check with local dealer to verify. $400 picked up in Morris County, NJ. All rims are straight, no bends or cracks. One...
1-16 of 54 Results