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sport suspension

  1. General E46 Forum
    Does anyone know what the difference between the two of these are? Accidently ordered the standard ones without knowing my car had sport suspension and wondering if its worth it to send these back to get the sports. As it stands now, the ones I have are long af and are a bitch to get in, curious...
  2. Suspension & Braking
    I have an 01 330ci WITH sport suspension but I just installed coilovers do I need to get the arm kit with sport suspension or without now that I have coilovers.
  3. Suspension & Braking
    Can the BMW Sport Suspension from a 2005 325i Sedan be used on a 2004 325ci Convertible? Are they the same? :hmm:
  4. Suspension and Braking
    Title says it all. They have about 100k on them, very clean w/ no rust. Includes 2 top springs pads and 1 lower. I am selling them because I recently upgraded. Asking 100 plus exact shipping. Thanks for looking
  5. Suspension & Braking
    Hey all, pls bear with me if this sounds like heresy. My 06 325Ci convertible is terrific so far. The problem is my better half isn't happy with the Sport suspension's stiff ride on our deteriorating roads. My questions are 1) Is there any problem switching to Base springs and shocks/struts...
  6. Suspension & Braking
    Hey all, I need to replace my Front Sway Bar End Links and as I was looking on ECSTuning, I see they sell OEM: http://www.ecstuning.com/BMW-E46-330Ci-M54_3.0L/Search/SiteSearch/Front_Sway_Bar_End_Link/ES1843949/ As well as a "shorter" set...
  7. Suspension & Braking
    I just acquired a beautiful 2004 330ci 6-speed manual from its original owner. It runs great but the suspension is definitely stiffer than the 3-series sedans I had tested, so I assume it has the sport package setup. It's got 123,000 miles on the original shocks & struts, so they're due for...
  8. Suspension and Braking
    interested in any front suspension assembly right and leftor even just struts in good condition hit me up with whatever you may have.
  9. Suspension and Braking
    I'm selling the OEM sport struts/shocks/springs from my 2002 BMW 330ci. There is nothing wrong with the parts at all, I just upgraded to an H&R touring kit and have no need for these parts anymore. The car was riding great, just wanted it a little lower and more aggressive. All parts have ~...
  10. Suspension and Braking
    OEM Front and Rear Sway Bars Came off my 2002 325 with sport suspension. Total of 70K miles on these and they are in great shape. Upgraded to UUC Sways.. So these are ready to go.. (With bushings) First offer over $100 (plus shipping and Paypal fees) Shipping is from NY and they are...
  11. Suspension and Braking
    I have a set of Sport suspension springs. This is for the springs only. The other parts of the suspension have been sold or are spoken for... $60 plus shipping and paypal fees. Picsup tomorrow