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sport seats
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  1. Interior
    Does anyone have any in good condition for cheap. Been looking for a while and most are destroyed.
  2. E46 General
    Hey fanatics I just have a few questions about a sport seat retrofit. I have an 05 325i with heated and power leatherette seats. I'm wondering if the sport seats (power, leather, and heated) from an 04 330i would be a simple plug n play, or would I have to swap sensors etc from my current seats...
  3. F30 General
    My 2013 F30 335i has sport seats. I find the seat is uncomfortable during daily driving. I'm often adjusting the seat position and the lumbar support. I've only had the car a few weeks, so I'm hoping that I can find some comfortable position(s). I've found the seat is a bit more comfortable...
  4. F30 General
    The sport seat track cover came loose on my 2013 335i (F30). It's part number 21 on this image https://www.parts.com/media/images/oe/collision/1/1943475.gif I can't easily see how to put it back. How is it done?
1-4 of 4 Results