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sport mode

  1. General E46 Forum
    I have a 2003 330i with the ZF steptronic transmission and I go between regular drive mode and sport mode often. What exactly does the sport mode do? It obviously feels more connected and sporty. I know it hold revs higher, but is there anything else aside from that? Thanks!
  2. General E46 Forum
    Hi all I'm currently stationed in Germany, driving a 2000 320CI. I was wondering about how the steptronic works, specifically this : Is the car only in sports mode if I flip over into M/S and not shift up or down? Or does it disable sport mode if I do use the steptronic to shift? I've...
  3. ///M3 Forum
    A week ago I faced a problem with my M3, suddenly it start acting like it is in sport mode. The way I drive is DSC on, Sport Off. Normal mode. But now car became very aggressive, when I push throttle little bit, for acceleration, it immediately starts rev on 4 - 5, then comes down to 3 and...
  4. DIY: Do It Yourself
    Hey Guys, I installed m3 smg paddle shifters in my steptronic wagon a few months ago using this link (thanks for that diy!) but I wanted to be able to engage sport mode by pulling back both paddle shifters at the same time momentarily. To achieve this I had to combine both paddle signals into...