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  1. Non-HK rear deck speaker to 2-way questions

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    Hey all.. Been doing lots of reading but can't quite find the answers I'm looking for regarding my specific situation. One of the rear deck speakers in my 2000 323Ci has a torn foam surround and I'm looking to replace both speakers. System is non-nav, non-HK and doesn't have an amp (at least...
  2. Amp for factory Hi-Fi speakers?

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    Hi guys, I replaced my OEM navi/stereo with Erisin chinese aftermarket stereo navigation. I left my factory speakers (Hi-Fi system) but my factory amp is out of the game now. Can I use some adaptor to connect my factory amp? Or better to buy aftermarket amp? What is better solution for the...
  3. Help wiring bm53 to aftermarket amp

    General E46 Forum
    Hey everybody, I have a e46 320ci special edition and my right side speakers stopped working. After thinking that my non-navigation head unit had the amp behind it I've recently learned that in fact it was my BM53 console that had died which had made my right side speakers to fail. I have since...
  4. e46 speaker upgrade questions

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to upgrade my speakers on my 1999 328i, stock HU, non HK system, and no amp. I am a bit of a noob in sound things. And would rather not install an AMP, because I have no idea where to even start with that. I am thinking about installing Pioneer TS-A1675R...
  5. my 330i's stereo is terrible! - help!

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    I know this has prob been asked before but no luck on searches so far...... I recently got a 330i 2001 4dr and it has a casette business stereo in it and 6cd in the boot. As far as i know theres no amps and definately no HK. The sound from it is so so pants i dont even crank it up even with my...
  6. FS: BMW E46 OEM Hi-Fi Speakers (non-HK) from a 2005 BMW 325Ci - $175

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    I have recently upgraded my 2005 BMW 325Ci to a set of speakers from Bavarian Soundwerks, and so I am selling the OEM hi-fi (non-HK) speakers that came with the car. They are in very good condition. I am asking $175 plus shipping for the complete set. I am willing to part them out, but only if I...