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speaker upgrade

  1. Front Speakers Wiring Question

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    I'm looking to upgrade the speakers in my 02 325xi touring. I'm somewhat low on money and skill and have decided to do just the front woofers for now to keep things simple. My issue is every how-to I've found shows the e46 with 3 speakers in each front door, mine only has two with no...
  2. Upgraded speakers

    General E46 Forum
    I recently replaced my speakers on my 00 328ci. I got some kicker 5 1/4 for the front and 6 1/2 in the back. I also got a Kenwood head unit. Every speaker I took out was ripped and broken however they didn't sound that bad at low volume. now since I put these new kickers in it sounds maybe even...
  3. Speaker replacement help

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    Hey everyone. My 330i has developed some rattling in the mid-range door speakers. I'd like to replace them and get a bit of an upgrade. My plan now is to replace the lower door and rear deck speakers with a JBL unit, but I can't seem to find a replacement speaker for the mid-range or tweeters...
  4. E46 swap base sound for hk sound, doable?

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    E46 base speaker swap for HK OEM setup I have been searching high and low for this info, so I apologize if it already exists. I drive a 2001 BMW 330ci with the base speaker setup or I think it's base, I have an amp, but no hk logo on the speakers and I found someone parting out their 2002 BMW...
  5. BavSound upgrade challenge

    General E46 Forum
    Purchased the speaker upgrade from BavSound for my E46 coupe. Had a few installation challenges along the way, most of which are now resolved except that the new rear speakers do not fit where the old ones were. The supplied rear speakers are identical to the front mid bass pair. I've removed...
  6. E46 Replacement Speakers

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    Hi Everyone, I just bought my first BMW and am new to the community (and cars in general). I have a 2003 e46 convertible with HK speakers. I want to upgrade my car's speakers - I've spent hours researching and it's very confusing. Can someone help me piece it together? I'm looking to...
  7. 1999 323i HK sub upgrade unique wiring

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    I have been looking to get more umph out of my HK system. I recently acquired a 12in kenwood sub and 450 watt amp to beff things up. When examining the instal I found that the wiring of the HK system is a bit different then later e46 models. By looking at other posts I think that the best method...
  8. Speaker upgrade suggestions

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    Hi, i am very naive when it comes to car audio, so if someone could help me answer some questions that would be great. I have already searched the forums to try to solve my problem but this is specifics i am looking for. First off, I want to improve some loudness but more importantly, the...