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  1. Sony XAV-AX100 radio installation guide (no cutting needed)

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    Hey guys we just put together an installation video for the XAV-AX100 (also works with the NEW XAV-AX100) into the non navigation E46 since this radio can be mounted without cutting the dash. Cars with factory navigation require you to run a cable into the trunk so the wiring is different. We...
  2. Adapter for CD Changer Bus to Sony Head Unit

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    I have a 2003 330Ci with a factory fit CD Changer (English car, if that is significant). The changer has an 8 pin bus, with a square plug (or socket?) at the end of the wires. I have had a Sony BT3700 head unit installed. This also has an 8 pin bus socket, but it is round (possibly to some...