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  1. General E46 Forum
    What kind of Diagnostic software and tools can I use (or download) so that I can read the trouble codes, reset the errors and do some programming of features? What is INPA software and how do I get it? What OBD tool do you recommend? Thank you for any tips, I am a newbie.
  2. Australia
    Hi Guys, Sorry if this has been covered in other posts. I am relatively new to the world of diagnostic software, so I have a few questions. Can I get everybody's opinion or explanation on: What are the different types of software and which one is the genuine BMW software, GT1, INPA, DIS etc...
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    getBMWparts.com | Dinan Flash Sale! 50% off E Series Flash Software for a Limited Time!!! While in recent memory the newer 'F' chassis cars have gotten all the love, Dinan felt it was time to give the cars of yesteryear a bit of attention. So this is for all the E36/E39/E46/E9x (to name a few)...
  4. Site Sponsor Specials and Sales
    getBMWparts.com | Dinan Flash Sale! 50% off E Series Flash Software for a Limited Time!!! While in recent memory the newer 'F' chassis cars have gotten all the love, Dinan felt it was time to give the cars of yesteryear a bit of attention. So this is for all the E36/E39/E46/E9x (to name a few)...
  5. General E46 Forum
    I have a 2000 323i, it's got an intake, headers, and exhust. I was wondering with the best option is to tune the ecu to get the most out of the mods I have put on it. A lot of people have talked about the shark injector but Ive also heard of people getting chips and such. My question is what do...
  6. Pacific Northwest
    I have an un-used shark injector for a 325i. It has never been removed from its original packaging as it was ordered by mistake (I have a 330i). Current price for shark injectors as per UUC site is $349. I will sell this one for $200. The file number is N4MS4325. It will only work on rear drive...
  7. Driveline, Engine & DME Tuning
    Im a new owner of a 2003 330i and Im looking for information between PA Soft and INPA. What are the difference between these two? if any. I been reading all over this web site about these two softwares and I see they both work kinda similar but what's the different between them and which is...
  8. Driveline, Engine & DME Tuning
    Any defining differences between the AA ECU software upgrade and the Jet Performance ECU upgrade? I live in Canada and a local shop offers the AA upgrade for $500 + tax while I can get the Jet Performance upgrade for $250 (although I have to pay for shipping to get my ECU sent to Cali and likely...
  9. General E46 Forum
    info taken from www.dinancars.com SUSPENSION When Dinan Wins You Win = 20% Off on Full Dinan Suspension Systems! There is something beautiful about blue and yellow under a BMW. Save 20% off full Dinan suspension systems until 03/04/2011. Dinan is known for the best handling suspensions while...
  10. General E46 Forum
    just thought people would want to know.... :thumbsup: the sale includes dinan suspension! which they don't usually have on sale... from my personal experience highly recommended... Copied from www.dinancars.com
  11. ///M3 Forum
    Just picked up an '05 m3 vert. It's my first BMW so I don't know too much about them, just what I've read on the forums. I just threw a BMC filter in along with an aftermarket elbow and intake scoops. I've seen some pretty good feedback and gains from the ebay headers so I'm giving them a shot...
  12. NY / NJ / CT
    TUNERMOTORSPORT.COM THINKING OF BUYING IT, MY FRIEND HAVE IT ON HIS SUPERCHARGER M3. 2001-2006 E46 M3 SCCA T2 Class RACE VERSION Shark Injector This software was developed on the dyno specifically for our 2001-2005 E46M3 that competes in SCCA's National T2 Class. Like our standard M3's Shark...
  13. General E46 Forum
    How do I actually obtain the Active Autowerk Software? There is nothing on the website that gives any information on how to actually obtain the software. I was going to go with the Dinan Stage II software, and that still is an option but I want to know more about the AA software. Thanks
  14. General E46 Forum
    I have the Dinan CAI and a Borla Cat Back and I want to know if its worth upgrading the stock software in my 330ci to the Dinan Stage II software that is "highly recommended by dinan" will it make a difference?
  15. General E46 Forum
    Will I need stage one software before I do stage two software. I have the cai from dinan. Also does the stage two software come with everything the stage one does? Thanks.
  16. General E46 Forum
    I live in California, and I was wondering if I installed Shark Injector software into my 330, will I still be able to pass all the checks that our cars have to undergo here? It says on a couple sites that the Shark Injector is not CARB legal in california, and that it is illegal to use it as...
  17. General E46 Forum
    There are two versions of the shark injector for the e46. One regular, and one with antiknock software. I have a Borla Cat Back and a dinan cai installed on my 2001 BMW 330Ci. Can someone please explain what the antiknock software does? Thanks.
  18. General E46 Forum
    Hello. I don't know which software is better for me. I have a dinan cai, and I dont know whether to get the dinan stage one software or the stage two software. Are the gains that significant with each software package? If I do get the stage two software, does it come with everything the stage...
  19. Driveline, Engine & DME Tuning
  20. Driveline, Engine & DME Tuning
    I bought a 330xi about a month ago. So far I have: -UUC TSE3 "light" -rogue engineering strut brace -k&n cold air intake -uuc pulleys (picking up tomarrow) I know I need to do some suspension mods but I am torn as to what and need to do more research. So that leaves the next logical step...
1-20 of 21 Results