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    i had my ccv replaced and engine completely serviced about 6k miles ago (in january), my car doesnt do much driving apart from in town. BUT over the last 8 months (or so), i've noticed the car has been DRINKING oil. immediately After the service i checked the oil - 100% full. However, it wasnt...
  2. "Chocolate" sludge under the oil cap. CCV? help

    Driveline, Engine & DME Tuning
    So I'm due for an oil change in the next couple thousand km however my oil light (orange) came on today on the way to work. I have about an hours drive to and from work and about 10 minutes before I arrived at my destination the light turned back off. I'm experiencing a rough idle (plenty of...
  3. Dirty, sludgy, and grimy m54.

    General E46 Forum
    My e46 is about due to get an oil change so yesterday I went out and invested in 8quarts of Royal purple synthetic. After I drained all the oil out of the car, I opened the filler cap and I noticed all the nasty sludge on it and the cam cover. I had seen it before but I figured that before I put...
  4. Brake Power Unit Dilemma and 1.5 Years of Same Oil

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    So here it goes.... Background: The last two weeks my car has been up on stands while I replacing my CCV (and upgrading to the cold climate version; car was originally a FL car so it didnt have the cold climate version), VCG, ofh gasket, vanos oil lines and some smaller gaskets/orings etc...