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  1. Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    Hey, I purchased a custom ski pass enclosure for my sedan, however i do not have fold down seats so it didnt fit. Enclousure will 100% fit factory fold down seats. Includes box and faceplate as well as a rack for your amp. Will have pics up tomorrow. price is $320 shipped, this includes 8" box...
  2. DIY: Do It Yourself
    Hi guys thought id show my finished L7 setup. Its the 10" version of the L7, it fits almost perfectly, like it was designed for the car, there is a small gap above and below the sub, i used some of the origional foam that i cut to reseal it. eventually ill seal it properly. The subs running...
  3. Interior
    Looking for a passthrough ski hatch from trunk for convertible. I know these are often removed for sub installations. Anyone out there have one to sell? Interested with or without ski bag. Thanks.
  4. Mobile Electronics Forum
    So it hits hard enough to make me happy and annoy people. But I want the thump in the cabin not so much in the trunk. How do most of you guys take care of this skipass? do you cut it? its a 3 series sedan.
  5. Mobile Electronics Forum
    so I know its been done alot. how do most of u guys do it? i want 2 have it so if I put down the armrest in the backseat and u take that velcro felt down u can see the hole. my subs hit hard i just want that extra boost 2 go through that hole it'd be nice. :)