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  1. Electronics
    Hi I recently bought a dice silverline, I am using the radio harness kit I can get the track text on the stereo and can change tracks from the stereo and steering wheel controls but i get any sound. I have a 2004 e46 with a busiess cd and have tried with both ipod nano 3rd gen and ipod mini and...
  2. Electronics
    Hey there, Just ordered the Dice Silverline Pro Radio Interface from EAS. Here are the steps I did to get this installed. Disconnect the Battery Remove trim, starting at passenger side door Remove 2 screws that hold HU in place Remove antenna cable and smaller coax cable from back of HU...
  3. Electronics
    I have a 2001 business headunit with mode button. Just all of a sudden I lost the ability to select different modes on the headunit. ie: radio, cd player, trunk changer. It only selects between the radio and cd player. I have a DICE Silverline trunk interface installed so I hooked that up to...
1-3 of 3 Results