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  1. | Helix Crystal Smoked Side Blinkers for E46 Facelift Sedan & Coupe

    Sponsor Press Releases & New Product Announcements | Helix Crystal Smoked Side Blinkers for E46 Facelift Sedan & Coupe <div id="post_message_13053939"><b>Helix Crystal Smoked Side Blinkers for E46 Facelift Sedan & Coupe</b><br /> <br /> <a href=""...
  2. DEPO LED Lights or DEPO clear Lenses w/ stealth bulbs

    Lighting Forum
    I'm looking to de-amber my 325Xi and get clear lights all around. However, I don't know whether to get the DEPO clear corners, sidemarkers, and tails or get the DEPO LED corners sidemarkers and tails. I know it's usually best to avoid ebay, but I've seen both these full set ups from a very high...
  3. WTT:LED taillights for smoked LED + wtb: smoked corners and sidemarkers

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    As the title says, I'm looking for a straight out trade for some smoked LED's for a FACELIFT SEDAN. I want the red/white lenses not the R/S/R. Also looking for some smoked sidemarkers and some smoked corner lights. I will ask you for pics if you have any of these items, so if you message...
  4. Aftermarket side markers...

    Lighting Forum
    I recently ordered some smoked front corners and sides from JleviSW, I got them today and the side markers wouldn't lock into the sides as others have stated on this forum. :censor: I knew about this issue before hand and decided the low price was worth risking it. Anyway I searched the forum...
  5. FS: OEM 2001 3 series conerlights and side markers

    Like I stated above: 2001 OEM conerlights and sidemarkers off a 325i sedan Make offer