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  1. WTB 51167890470 Right Side Mirror Assembly

    Fickled finger of fate struck again today. WTB a Right Side Mirror Assembly (part no 51167890470). Thank you
  2. OEM E46 M3 Side mirror

  3. M3 mirrors on non M3 coupe

    General E46 Forum
    I know there is a DIY for this as I have seen it but after searching I can't find it. Does anyone have it? Looking to put E46 M3 side mirrors on my E46 coupe. Thanks
  4. Carbon fibre / M3 mirror / ACs miror from N.V.D.

    Sponsor Press Releases & New Product Announcements
    Hi! Guys Just would like to announce that N.V.D.Autosport is now the sponsor of E46fanatics forum. We manufacture the carbon fibre laminated parts and replica side mirror. Example of our products : ACS carbon fibre side mirror E46 M3 carbon fibre side mirror E46 carbon fibre parts For...
  5. M3 and ACs carbon fibre side mirror

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    Hi! Guys More items from - Replica E46 M3 side mirror : This is the 100% exact shape as the genuine E46 M3 shape. ( not M5 shape). Available for E46 sedan, E46 coupe, E46 convertible ( both RHD and LHD ). Come with Heated glass. The folding function is Manual fold. For...
  6. Electric folding door mirrors don't work :(

    General E46 Forum
    Hi ppl, I have brought a BMW E46 and it has folding/electric door mirrors but nothing works on them??!! The door mirrors don't adjust and when you press the square button for the mirrors to fold nothing happens!! I don't hear no motor moving or anything, please could you advise me what I can...
  7. FS: New Right Passenger side mirror assembly

    New outside mirror assembly for E46. Not certain of the p/n or model fit. Please see the pics to get all the details for fit and the electrical connectors, etc. $ 50 shipped within the 48 states.
  8. E46 sedan or E39 side mirror: transplant to E46 coupe

    General E46 Forum
    I have been interested in replacing my side mirrors on my 2004 330Ci, and instead of going the M3 route, I would like to go back to my roots. I always loved the small square mirrors that were on my mother's E39 sedan, and when I purchased my E46, a transplant to at least the E46 sedan side...
  9. Seeking knowledge

    General E46 Forum
    Two things, one I parked my car for the first time on the street and wanted to fold the mirrors but they would not budge. Could it be possible that i have autofold but its not working? Second: my alarm does not work period, no noise when i lock or unlock the car. Could this be a related problem...
  10. Mirrors Frozen, dead...Fuse good. Motors fried?

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    2003 325 xit. Both side mirrors are completely dead. No sound from the motors at all. Fuses are good. They both had some ice in the housings that might've blocked them from moving. Does this mean the motors are fried? Anyone experience this and trouble shoot it? Thanks.
  11. side mirror

    side mirror