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  1. BMW E46 328i(1999) random misfires/rough idle/shuddering

    General E46 Forum
    My e46 refuses to get better. After running on idle for +30secs(start up, red light, does not matter) aswell as when driving there seems to be a random cylinder misfire. The symptoms of this are: heavy shuddering/shaking of the car upon acceleration or when idling loss of power hesitation...
  2. Drivetrain vibrations at ~25mph

    General E46 Forum
    Hello all, Longtime lurker here. I've spent the past 3 months trying to fix this problem, but I can't seem to figure it out. I have a 2002 330ci convertible, 247k miles, with a ZF 5HP19 automatic transmission (A5S 325Z). After driving for a bit, if I apply more than half throttle, there is a...
  3. Wierd vibration... Help!

    General E46 Forum
    I have done a good bit of searching but haven't found anyone with specifically my problem. Im taking my 04 325xi back into the stop tomorrow. I get a high frequency vibration at 60-80 mph and worse when the car is in gear. I feel it in the clutch, throttle, steering wheel, seat and shifter...
  4. 2001 325i DSC BRAKE Lights on?

    Suspension & Braking
    Hi! i just bought my new to me used bmw, it is a 2001 325i it has 135xxx miles and i have a few problems with it - the Brake Light is on on the dash, although i have the handbrakes off - when the car is in idle, or when i start it up it kind of screeching and squealing noise but it runs fine...
  5. shaking/shuddering/vibrating while driving cold but smooth idle - any ideas?

    General E46 Forum
    Already tried the search function, this problem seems to be slightly different than what most people have. 2001 330xi w/ 96k The issue is that on a cold start (35F the other day) the car will shudder while driving until the engine heats up (cruisin at about 30 mph in 3rd gear at 2000rpm...