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  1. E46 General
    Greetings from an E46 newbie.... I just bought a 2001 325Ci convertible and feel like I should have done my homework better cause I'm experiencing a sudden shudder that I didn't notice when test driving. Doh. Now I have a maddening shudder through the drivetrain for a split second when coasting...
  2. California
    Bought a new e46 330i and having some shudder on the highway as well as a tiny bit of slop in my steering before it kicks in. Guy I bought it from said he had already replaced the FCABs and I don't have any shudder when breaking (any more than usual), so I was hoping to have it looked at by...
  3. E46 General
    Okay, so I have a 2001 325i and it recently started intermittently shuddering while driving, mostly at highway speeds but sometimes while driving in town. This only happens when the car is not under a large load or accelerating, just when cruising at a constant throttle. The car also...
  4. E46 General
    First, some general info about my car: 2001 325i sedan, 250k miles, automatic transmission, and everything is stock. The car was recently purchased at 240k miles, only repairs the owner spoke of were a very recent fuel pump and filter replacement. He also gave us maintainence records and there...
  5. E46 XI
    Hello all, This is my first post to the forum. I recently had a 2003 325xi fall into my lap - it was a deal too good to pass up; and I've been meaning to try out the other AWD systems from various manufacturers. Our last 7 cars have been Audi's - I consider myself an expert in owning and...
  6. E46 General
    If you are accelerating hard sometimes you get what feels like clutch chatter in a stick shift car while it shifts from first to second. It is a 2000 328i automatic. I was wondering if this could just be a shift solenoid or if this is a sign the tranny is starting to wear out. Thanks for your help.
  7. E46 General
    Hi everyone, so I have posted on here before about this problem, just kind of an update/more question deal. So to recap, after driving for a few hours my car (2001 330xi with 89k) would start to shudder under load, i.e. accelerating or trying to go up a hill, it was a gradual problem that would...
1-7 of 9 Results