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  1. Fuel Injectors - extended nozzle VS short flat nozzle - difference?

    Forced Induction Forum
    What difference does it make if you go short vs extended nozzle injectors? Some people say that the extended nozzle injectors work better with these engines since they are closer to oem specs. Other people say that it makes no difference at all. Nobody so far had a full answer and there is no...
  2. AUC sensor error - 32 short circuit to ground

    General E46 Forum
    I need help troubleshooting my automatic air recirculated control sensor in my '05 330i. I'm getting this error: 32 AUC heating Error Frequency: 10 Short circuit to ground Error present Error code: 20 42 0A 51 34 A8 08 11 03 6F When I clear the code, it comes back immediately. When I unplug...
  3. Electrical problem possible short

    General E46 Forum
    Hello, I have a problem thats difficult to diagnose. Writing here to see if anyone got some good info and/or theories. Got a 330iAT 2004 with msport2 package. Soon after I got it the aftermarket bluetooth would start to disconnect. Seemingly randomly. I thing the bluetooth is one of these...
  4. Rear running light problem... Broken wire?

    Lighting Forum
    So I have a 2002 325I, and the passenger side running light (there are two, its the one closest to the outside of the car) stays on FULL blast. The car is on? Full. The car is off completely? Full blast. The headlights are on? Dimmed but flickering. I was thinking it could be a bad ground, but...
  5. Battery Drain

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    I recently moved from California to Montana. In the process I towed my 330I and when I arrived it was dead. I jump started it and all was good... for a day. Now I have to jump start it everyday. The battery is so dead there's no lights and remote does not work to unlock. I had the battery and...
  6. Fs: M3 ssk

    NY / NJ / CT
    i recently bought a brand new M3 ssk from BMW. the fitment is not what I expected for my 330i so I wondering if anybody would like to pick it up for around 50 or best offer. Willing to meet up within 20 miles and will consider shipping
  7. Bend Direction on BMW Short Shift Lever PN: 25117528881)

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    Greetings! New to the forum, I'll go introduce myself in the proper board in a bit. First I would like to get clarification to my issue that has been driving me crazy for the last 4-5 hours (doing research, finding different answers/parts, pictures not clear, etc)... Today I installed an OEM...
  8. M3 electrical shorts out!!

    ///M3 Forum
    Hey Everyone so i have a 2002 bmw me convertible. when i have the battery plugged and turn the key i have power; lights, radio, seats etc. however as soon as i try and turn the key to start the car i loose all power. then i have to go unconnect the battery and plug it back in. then i'm back to...
  9. UUC EVO3 Ultimate Short Shift Kit BMW 330 e46 6 speed

    Miscellaneous BMW and E46 Parts
    £250.00 West Midlands, United Kingdom. Item can be sent parcelforce £11.50. Brand new, unused ultimate short shift kit imported from U.S.A. Cost $395 plus import duties. This kit is specifically made for the e46 330i 6 speed model, not M3. The stock shift has a long and tiresome throw...
  10. Strut rod/compressed spring clearance, want to be sure

    General E46 Forum
    I've done several searches in every permutation I can think of. Found a few leads that seem to say this is normal, but I just want to be sure. I took my struts/springs/top hats to an indy shop down the street to have them compressed and assembled so I can take out the old assemblies and just...

    Lighting Forum
    Hello All! I am a new member and recent first time owner of a 2000 e46 323i (Not bad for an 18year old kid). Anyways I have a few questions and would appreciate any feedback!! :thumbsup: Arent I cool? first day after buying my car :excited: sorry bout all the pics just wanna show off...
  12. Shortie Ceramic Headers which re-use OEM cats

    Driveline, Engine & DME Tuning
    Shortie Ceramic Headers which re-use OEM cats Ok, so I did my searches for this, and it doesn't appear that anyone else has posted on these... If there is, call me out, and I'll drop this. Here's the description; # Direct bolt on to the engine and catalytic converter, no modifications...
  13. Unusual Air Conditioning problem requiring help

    General E46 Forum
    Hello fellow fanatics. I have an interesting problem with my air conditioning I am hoping someone with more technical expertise and knowledge of my car could help me with. First I am driving a 2003 325i as my daily driver. I love this car and had pretty good luck with it to date. I drive...