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  1. New York, New Jersey, Connecticut
    looking for a few bmw/m3 specific shops in new jersey that work on e46s. I know about bimmerclinic, wondering if there are any others that people have used. thanks.
  2. BC, AB, Saskatchewan, Manitoba
    Hey everyone. We're looking for a good independent shop in the Victoria or Southern Vancouver Island area. I do most maintenance work on our cars but some times need a shop for more involved work, which is currently the case (transmission problems). Does anyone have any comments, good or bad...
  3. Pacific Northwest, Hawaii
    I apologize if this is a repeat thread, but I am looking for some opinions on bimmer shops in the Seattle area. It seems like every shop can "do foreign service," but for some reason I have this feeling they may not have any idea whats going on and treat all cars the same. I could be totally...
  4. E46 General
    Hi to all. It's been 3 months since I bought my e46 and I've spent some money and time on it making some maintenance. I've made some minor things myself but since I don't have a place to play with the car (I live in an apartment with a shared garage) and I prefer not to learn the hard way with...
  5. Mid Atlantic
    Has anyone used or heard anything about this place? http://www.ferrisautomotive.com/index.shtml I found them on bimrs.org but can't find any mention of them on here, bimmerfest, bimmerforums, or the bmwcca.org forums. Trying to find a shop closer to home.. Curry's is right around the corner...
1-5 of 5 Results