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shift knob

  1. General E46 Forum
    I am looking for a new wood grain gear selector for my 2003 330i, as mine has the usually cracks due to age. ECS has a walnut shift knob for a stealer price! The catch is, it's for a 330ci. ECS says it won't fit my car, but some websites tend to be incorrect when it comes to fitment. Will a...
  2. Parting Out
    Car Cover - $120 M3 floor mats - $60 Genuine BMW Performance Weight Shift Knob - $60 E46 OEM head unit - $30 E46 accelerator module with aftermarket pedal - $90 Redlands, CA Local Pick up Only
  3. Interior
    also check out the matching brushed aluminum trim kit https://forum.e46fanatics.com/showthread.php?t=1251047 BMW - ALUMINUM SHIFT KNOB FOR AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION $60 Made by BMW, this shift knob is made with modern shape and material and adds a contemporary look to your interior. Fits: E46 3...
  4. General E46 Forum
    Hi E46 Fam :) This is my first post. I'm selling a ZHP M shift knob. - 5 speed option - Leather - Brand new in box - Never been used - Had one before on my E46 330Ci manual, must say it gives it a whole new feel - Will post worldwide Free of charge - $80 Paypal preferred payment (tracking ID...
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  6. DIY: Do It Yourself
    The ZHP knob is a very common upgrade in our cars. I love the feel of it and looks much better than the OEM knob. The only issue is that it only comes in black leather. I have a car with tan interior and woodgrain trim so a black leather knob would very out of place as I have seen in others...
  7. Interior
    Looking to buy a black leather shift knob (the one without the chrome inlay, just the leather) for my 325i with Steptronic transmission.
  8. General E46 Forum
    Earlier this year, I rebuilt my entire shifter assembly from the lever down to the bushings (e60 upgrade). Ever since then, the satisfaction I get from shifting has more than doubled. Recently, I have been trying to get a hold of an illuminated shift knob to complete the package since some of...
  9. Interior
    I've got a few extra interior pieces that I'd like to get out of my closet space. Most of this stuff is from my '02 330Ci that I've removed as I've done a few interior upgrades. Not really attached to this stuff, just want to see it gone at a reasonable price. Buyer pays shipping cost from...
  10. General E46 Forum
    Hey guys, have any of you bought an illuminated shift knob from Khoalty? Is it any good? I am skeptical because it seems Khoalty doesn't upload any bad reviews on their site. They seem to moderated which reviews go up and which don't. I have yet to see a bad one on their site. I also have tried...
  11. Interior
  12. Interior
    I just upgraded to a ZHP shift knob and am selling the original 6 speed wood knob that came with the car. PM me if interested.
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    Does your busted old shift knob take the pleasure out of driving? Are you looking for a quick way to refresh the look of your interior? Good news, we've got you covered Click HERE for your Weighted ZHP 5 Speed Shift Knob Click HERE for your Weighted MTC 5 Speed Shift Knob Click HERE for...
  14. Interior
    Looking to buy a shift knob for a three pedal manual e46 m3. I am mainly looking to get either the original shift knob with boot attached or the ZCP knob alone. [email protected] Thanks
  15. Engine & Performance
    All Sold
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  17. Interior
    UPDATE: Everything sold; thanks! (photos removed to save space) These are from a 2002 330Ci and in excellent condition. Part #25167533347 and #25161422976 Recently swapped out my selector knob/boot to match my trim, and thought someone else might be interested in these. Have seen posts in...
  18. Interior
    For sale: - Homelink - $55 shipped - Homelink (worn off "1" button) - $45 shipped - Mirror switch - $16 shipped - Flashlight - $14 shipped - Hood alarm switches - $13 shipped - 6 Speed Manual Shift Knob (Good condition, normal wear) - $25 shipped
  19. ///M3 Forum
    Looking to replace my stock SMG shift knob and paddles and possibly the ebrake handle. I need suggestions and where to buy knowhow. I dont like the stock knob and the chrome is flaking off in parts and the paddles have weird niches in them that bother me and id like slightly longer ones so i...
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    The long-anticipated F10 M5 Illuminated 6 Speed Shift Knob with Boot is now available! :thumsup: Genuine BMW F10 M5 6 Speed Illuminated Shift Knob with Leather Boot(For manual transmission). *Retrofit on any vehicle other than the F10 M5 at your own risk. **Price includes Free Ground...