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shift boot

  1. SOLD: E46 Black Leather Shift Knob & Boot (Automatic)

    UPDATE: Everything sold; thanks! (photos removed to save space) These are from a 2002 330Ci and in excellent condition. Part #25167533347 and #25161422976 Recently swapped out my selector knob/boot to match my trim, and thought someone else might be interested in these. Have seen posts in...
  2. Alacantara shift and e brake boots

    General E46 Forum
    I want Alcantara shift and e-brake boots for my M3 to match my alacantara wrapped steering wheel (from cobywheel). CobyWheel and bimmean both sell the boots. Is there an advantage of one over the other? The bimmian boots are a little cheaper as well. In any case I am looking at black alcantara...
  3. Any E46 E46 6 Speed ZHP Knob + Black Leather Boot

    E46 6 Speed ZHP Knob + Black Leather Boot I bought the factory BMW Short Shift Kit for my 03 M3 but I used a custom shift boot and BMW aluminum knob. So these are left over. They should fit any E46 coupe or sedan (even if you don't have a six speed ). They are brand new and never installed. It's...
  4. Any E46 WTB shift boot BASE FRAME!!

    Miscellaneous BMW and E46 Parts
    I am looking to buy just the plastic base frame piece that the shifter boot is attached to. my car is in the midst of a manual swap so i need this piece! If you have one with an old torn boot on it that will work i just need the frame! In the bay area prefer local and quick transaction but pm me...
  5. EXTRA SHIFT BOOT? help!!!!!

    General E46 Forum
    does anyone have an extra shift boot FRAME? my car did not come with one and the previous owner just Glued it on! im desperate, willing to pay 30$ for just the plastic frame under the boot. this is for an automatic car that would be for this fitment:
  6. NEED! please! Shift Boot Frame!

    Parting Out
    My car did not come with the shift book frame that supports the actual boot...the previous owner just glued it on... so can anyone, especially those parting out, or those who know where they sell these, know where i can find a shift boot frame? i have an '04 325i.. this is a picture of my...
  7. FS: E46 M3 shift boot (OEM LIGHT UP)

    With the connection for the lit up diagram. $50 shipped obo.
  8. FS: Alcantra Shift Boot

    Alcantra Shift Boot $45, shipped(us).
  9. WTB: OEM Black shift boot

    Just as the title says, I'm looking for an OEM shift boot in great-to-excellent condition. I changed out the boot on my M & need a manual transmission shift boot--with or without frame. Please PM/post if you can help. THANKS!
  10. Automatic Alcantra Shift Boot

    I purchased a shift boot and ebrake boot from another fanatic. I only needed the e brake boot. So I am putting this up for sale. Black Alcantra Shift boot for an Automatic Steptronic. Perfect Condition and comes with plastic mount. Giving it up for $20.00 +ship