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  1. FS: Black Auto Leather Shift Knob - OEM Perfect Condition

    BMW 325 Black Automatic Leather Shift Knob - Perfect Condition I replaced this shift knob with a metal aftermarket shift knob so this was barely used. Perfect Condition. Fits E39, E46, E38 (96-05) $70
  2. E46 Hard to Shift

    General E46 Forum
    I was driving for a while the other night and everything was good. I stopped in a parking lot and went to move and I could barely get my car into 1st gear. The entire car moves forward when pushing on the shift knob. Its bad almost through every gear but the odd shift goes smoothly. I have no...
  3. Mechanical Over-Rev

    General E46 Forum
    I was in 3rd, went to shift into 4th at about 5500rpm and I shifted into 2nd... Don't know how or why I have never done this and car instantly lurched and looked like it hit over 7k... Instantly pushed clutch in couldn't have been more than a second. I coasted in neutral and engine was idling...
  4. 328 autos: lets talk shifting

    General E46 Forum
    Ah, haven't had to create a thread in a while. I've been quietly asking myself if my auto is shifting differently due to my bad VANOS seals that I refuse to replace. This is all pertaining to light/slow acceleration, like around town. I drove my friends 330Ci and that thing shifted really early...
  5. 330ci not wanting to shift???

    Driveline, Engine & DME Tuning
    I have a Slammed 2003 330ci manual that last week decided it didn't want to shift anymore. I had driven in the morning ING gotten home had lunch and when I went to leave again it didn't want to shift into gear. Clutch feels basically the same as prior to not wanting to shift but it just won't go...
  6. Automatic Transmission Shifts Between Gears Hard???

    E46 Xi Forum
    Hello everyone! My name is David. I recently purchased my first car and my first BMW, a 2001 325xi with 119k miles for only 2200$ !!!. It was love at first sight considering all of my friends are JDM fanboys :thumbdwn: I replaced all my filters and spark plugs and now I have a proble . When I...
  7. Any E46 UUC Motorweks Ultrasuede® manual transmission shift and e-brake boot

    Taken out of a '99 328I that I no longer own. The pieces are in very good condition - alacantra material. Very nice touch to the interior, wish I could use them but I own an automatic now. Asking 140 shipped from Ohio. This is the original UUC link to this product...
  8. Any E46 UUC Motorweks Ultrasuede® manual transmission shift and e-brake boot

    These are used off a '99 328i. Good condition, shipping from Ohio. Asking 140 shipped. Thanks for looking! Here is the original UUC link for these products.
  9. I bought an 02 BMW 325i 5speed, that is hard to shift.

    General E46 Forum
    1. Is the Bentley repair manual worth it? 2. Is there anything a first time owner of a used BMW should check first or make first priority? To the actual problem, 3. It is very hard to shift into and out of every gear. When you do the side to side neutral check and push it into the neutral spot...
  10. High rpm no shift

    General E46 Forum
    I drive a bmw 325i e46 with about 160000 miles. I kno is a lot of miles but the car has just been redone with new coils, sensors,vanos fluids etc and has no codes. When I'm driving, aside from a lack of speed gain, the car will get to high rpms and only shift if I let off the gas pedal and baby...
  11. E46 Sedan Illuminated shift knob request

    Miscellaneous BMW and E46 Parts
    Anyone have one for grabs? Shipped to N5V1J4 Onatio
  12. Slight driveline drag with clutch fully depressed

    General E46 Forum
    Hey gang! My 2001 330ci with 215k has developed a nagging issue: I can feel that there is power going through the tranny when I've got the clutch at it's stop. For example, when I am at a light and about to proceed, I push the shifter (against some resistance) into gear and I can feel my diff...
  13. 323i 99 auto shift LEDs not right and mysterious two black strips

    General E46 Forum
    We are fixing up my son's new-to-him E46 and the LEDs do not move with the gear shift. P, 4, 3 are always lit. When we pulled the cover we found two very thin black plastic strips about 1.25 cm wide hanging from it. I realize that a new cover is likely needed, but has anyone seen this before...
  14. Any BMW FS: ZHP Weighted Leather Shift Knob

    sold sold sold!
  15. Semi-Automatic Help

    E90, E91, E92 & E93 - General Forum
    So I like to have fun everyonce in a wile and throw it into semi automatic, but one thing I dont like is that I'll be building up speed, not very rapidly, and ill be in third or fourth gear and be at about 3 or 4k it will just shift on its own up 6th gear. Like when i'm going 45 I dont want to...
  16. WTB OEM Performance Knob for Auto

    Looking for a well taken care of OEM Performance Knob that was offered for late model e46's to put in my 2002 e46. *EDIT: found at getbmwparts for cheap.
  17. Fs: M3 ssk

    NY / NJ / CT
    i recently bought a brand new M3 ssk from BMW. the fitment is not what I expected for my 330i so I wondering if anybody would like to pick it up for around 50 or best offer. Willing to meet up within 20 miles and will consider shipping
  18. Is this a OEM or aftermarket Shift lever? Pictures

    General E46 Forum
    Hi, so long story short, I never owned a BMW so i don't know how high the shift lever is, so i took pictures and someone more experienced could tell me.. I'm asking because as you can see from the pictures the lever looks pretty beat up, and I replaced the shift knob 2x already, and they keep...
  19. E46 M3 Gearshift Assembly 6-speed / Gearbox Shift Knob

    Engine & Performance
    NEW PRICE POSTED!! $130 + shipping E46 M3 GEARSHIFT ASSEMBLY / GEARBOX The main part numbers associated with this piece are: 25112229428 25111434100 61131378106 25112228710 25117527255 This is in excellent condition and is from a 6-Speed M3. This is illuminated. This will fit the...
  20. Solution for shift knob with broken tabs

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    I know many of you might also have this problem... 2 of the 4 tabs on my OEM BMW shift knob broke off over time. The shift knob would still stay on the shift lever, but it was a bit loose, sometimes even coming off on hard/fast shifts. Today, I removed the shift knob, wrapped the bottom of...