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  1. Excessive play in Shifter (not the ball joint)

    General E46 Forum
    Hi, This will be my first time posting here. I have just bought my first bmw, a 330ci 6-spd manual. Something i noted was how much play there was in the shifter and when i opened it up I couldn't see that anything was bad right away, all the bearings visible from inside the car were in good...
  2. 2007 328i E90. Oil leak around the Eccentric Shaft Sensor

    E90, E91, E92 & E93 - General Forum
    Hi folks, 2007 BMW 328i N52 I have a small oil leaking from the eccentric shaft sensor. Can I change the seal (BMW ref 11 12 7 559 699), without removing the valve cover ? Thanks, Dan
  3. FS: Guibo/Flex Disk

    Suspension and Braking
    I have a brand new guibo/flex disk for sale. It is Genuine BMW, part number 26111227410. Turns out I ordered the wrong one. This one fits the following e46's: all 323s and 325s and even any e36 non m. I paid 80 + 15 dollars shipping, I'll let it go for 80 shipped, or a reasonable offer. Let...
  4. Cam Shaft Scoring - Oil Starvation or Worse?

    General E46 Forum
    On another thread re: VCGs, folks were posting their cam shafts and someone made a comment on mine. They said that the scratch or scoring on the exhaust cam shaft was indicative of running low on oil. This has me concerned. Does anyone know why this scratch/scoring is here and what it means? It...