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  1. E46 325 BMW 3-Series Various Parts New/Used

    Miscellaneous BMW and E46 Parts
    Hi All, I sold my bimmer this year. I finally cleaned up my garage and I'm listing all the parts I have for sale. Please PM for any additional information or request. Most the parts below are OEM and new. FYI, I'm in San Jose, CA (SF Bay Area). I prefer local pickup. New Genuine BMW Floor Mat...
  2. Oil Brands

    General E46 Forum
    In the past, I was lucky enough to know someone working at my local BMW dealership who would give me BMW oil for close to 70% off. Well now he moved so it is up to me to find the best alternative to BMW oil. I know a lot of this can be opinionated, but what is the overall best oil for BMWs...
  3. "Service Engine Soon" P0420 & P0430. Looking for advice.

    General E46 Forum
    Hi everyone! I'm looking for some advice on fixing up my 2001 BMW 325xi. I just bought this car off craigslist for a very fair price. I've been going through the hoops of getting registered in the state of NY and the last step was to get it inspected. I was on my way to my local Pep Boys and...
  4. New to these cars and could really use some help/advice from you guys and gals

    General E46 Forum
    Recently I picked up a 2002 330i with 137,xxx miles for $3,800. When test driving it early in the morning everything checked out and was perfect so I decided to go ahead and purchase it. Then a day later the car goes into limp mode so I take it to a Indy shop who specializes in euro cars and do...
  5. Help - 330Ci Oil Service Time

    General E46 Forum
    Hi guys, I bought a 2003 330ci M-Sport a few months back and the guy had it serviced at 149,500 + kms just before I bought it from him. During the early periods the car would display oil service for 176,000kms. I was intending to do it at 160,000 anyway. But I've only driven the car for 1,500+...
  6. Oil usage... Topped up a total of 5L after 10kkms/6months

    2004 330ci convertible A/T. I travel around 500-600kms a week. I have used 5L to top up on oil after driving 10,000kms / 6 months. I top at least 1L every 2-3 weeks. It also just so happens that my service intervals are also every 10k or 6 months. I rarely drive the car hard but do travel along...
  7. e46 service question?

    General E46 Forum
    Looking at an 05 Oxford green2 325i with 68k on it and this i right around the time that the cooling system is done if I'm not mistaken. The last service record (carfax) at 67k said that: Engine electrical system checked Body electrical system checked Washed/detailed Recommended maintenance...
  8. Introducing APEX Performance Services in Dublin, California

    APEX is excited to introduce our new Performance Services division, with our first location now open in Dublin California. As with our products, we are concentrating on Street, Track, and, Race services. With our experience in complex fitments and car setup we saw an opportunity to develop...
  9. :: ECS Tuning :: Automatic Transmission Service Video DIY

    E90, E91, E92 & E93 - General Forum
    The automatic transmission on most BMWs is said to have lifetime fluid... we here at ECS as well as many transmission manufactures recommend service every 30k miles. Over the life of a vehicle, the transmission can often be overlooked when performing routine maintenance. If left unserviced...
  10. :: ECS Tuning :: Automatic Transmission Service Video DIY

    General E46 Forum
    The automatic transmission on most BMWs is said to have lifetime fluid... we here at ECS as well as many transmission manufactures recommend service every 30k miles. Over the life of a vehicle, the transmission can often be overlooked when performing routine maintenance. If left unserviced...
  11. FS: Reset Tool for Oil / Service Light

    I bought this oil/service reset tool for my 2000 M coupe and used it once. Bought it from (SR R5-UNIV) for $70. Looking to get $50 OBO. Let me know if interested!
  12. Carbon Effects Custom Carbon Fiber wrapping services new Site Launched!

    E90 Site Sponsors - Products, Sales & Group Buys
    The members of this forums' sister site have essentially fueled the growth of my custom carbon fiber wrapping services business :thumbsup: I've just launched my new website..... Major changes and upgraded portfolios that I will be keeping current with new projects and...
  13. Good Mechanic Service, Stamford CT

    NY / NJ / CT
    Hi, I'm new to this forum and just recently bought me a used 2004 330xi. I am looking for a good service, where I can treat my car with things I cannot handle myself. I am at the Stamford CT area. Any recommendations? Thanks!
  14. FOR SALE: Brand New in Box Bentley Service Manual for E46 [SOLD]

    Miscellaneous BMW and E46 Parts
  15. Replacing lower control arm and rear diff bushings

    Suspension & Braking
    I have a 2004 ZHP 330i sedan. The lower control arm bushings as well as the rear differential bushing need to be replaced. I want to make sure that the ZHP performance package does not require a different bushing from other e46 330i's. Also, if you have had this serviced on your car, about how...
  16. Great customer service from Umnitza!

    Buyer/Seller Feedback Forum
    Today I stopped by Umnitza to pick up an M-Tech rear bumper for my 330ci. Called them up before and they said they had it in stock. When I got there they had great customer service. Quickly put my order in and got my bumper loaded into the car. Very nice people. Knew exactly what needed to be...
  17. E46 Xi spark plug removal?

    E46 Xi Forum
    Okay, I feel pretty stupid even posting this but here it goes. I consider myself a fairly competent DIYer. I've been doing my own work almost as long as I've been driving. All my previous experience however has been on domestic vehicles, this is my first BMW. I am working through the inspection...
  18. online factory service manual

    General E46 Forum
    Does anyone know if their is an online factory service manual for the BMW E46 I use the which is good & have used the great DIY here:idea:
  19. E90 question???

    General E46 Forum
    Ok so before anyone bashes me, I did just join E90Fanatics and I searched, however, nobody knows how to reset the damn service indicator light:thumbdwn:, so my background is that my buddy has an E90 330i, and he needs to know how to reset it, he knows nothing about cars or modding or DIYing, so...
  20. 325XI Master Cylinder DIY

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    I spent the weekend replacing my wife's 2001 325XI master brake cylinder, brake pads all the way around and rear disk brake rotors. Key Notes: Master Cylinder: I ordered an "off" brand from a company in CA and when it arrived they sent me the wrong master cylinder. It was missing a critical...