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service engine soon.

  1. WORX Automotive Service specials

    Hi guys, We are running some service savers over a couple of months for the E46fanatics Members. If you need a quote on any service or modification please feel free to message or call us. (03) 9387 4440 Oil change service $250.00inc GST Coolant service $100.00inc GST Brake fluid service...
  2. Error Code: P0344- CMP Circuit Intermittent? Wtf?

    General E46 Forum
    Hey guys, I was driving around and the SES light came on :banghead: . I scanned codes and it came up as P0344 Camshaft position sensor "A" Circuit intermittent. Now I was wondering how the hell this happens right after a pretty big repair. I got the spark plugs, VCG. Oil filter housing gasket...