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  1. FS: 2006 E46 M3 Imola Red Interior

    Have a driver and passenger seat from my 06' M3. They are in very good condition and could look brand new if someone cleaned them up, no rips or tears just some stretching from normal use. Selling the seats as a pair for $1200 obo I know the start price is a bit high but these seats are hard...
  2. Best aftermarket seats

    ///M3 Forum
    Hey everyone, brand new here. I have just purchased my dream car. 2004 M3 Coupe, I would like to look into changing the front seats out for a racing style/look seat. Anyone have any suggestions on where to purchase online. Anyone have experience with changing out the front seats? Thanks!
  3. Any E46 FS: ZHP 330ci black leather interior

    For sale - Black leather interior parts from my 2005 BMW 330ci ZHP. ITEMS STILL AVAILABLE: Front driver sport seat including headrest - 6/10 Front passenger sport seat including headrest - 8/10 Front door cards - 7/10 Rear seats (bench, seat back, lateral trim piece, headrests) - 9/10 $550...
  4. Parting out e46 m3 interior

    Hey guys, I'm located in San Diego. I prefer local pickup but am willing to ship parts as long as they are worth at least $50. If you don't see what you're looking for in my pics feel free to ask. Also check out my instagram for more parts and prices @drivenbyalex Door panels, aluminum trim...
  5. WTB Beige Sport Seats for e46 Touring in Texas

    General E46 Forum
    Looking for some sport seats in really good condition. I am from the Houston Area (Beaumont specifically). Cash in hand. Thanks in advance!
  6. E46 Coupe Sport black leather interior

    Selling my used BMW e46 coupe (330ci) black leather interior. Included are: FRONT SEAT ITEMS: - front powered sport seats (that came out of my 2005 BMW 330ci) - driver's seat has a tear on the side bolster - condition = 6/10 - passenger's seat is in good shape - condition = 8/10 - front door...
  7. Any E46 E46 3 series Tan Leather heated seat cushions

    Matching pair of Tan Leather heated seat cushions left and right side, top and bottom of both. The seat heaters work great, the leather and cushions are in excellent condition, no sags or rips etc. 275.00 obo plus actual shipping
  8. Cheap FIA approved seats from Bimarco

    Motorsports & Track Forum
    Hey everyone! Over the winter I'm going to be getting my 330ci prepped for Time Trial, and maybe eventually GTS2. I've been debating making a build thread, but there are already so many good ones. Anyways, I was looking all over to find seats that would be affordable, but also safe. I had...
  9. 330ci coupe RED seat available for swap

    330ci Coupe M package, M seats. Leather in really good condition. Sporty and Sexy, only $1,000 for the swap. Located in Toronto.
  10. Wrong seat lever part?

    ///M3 Forum
    Hey Guys, So i picked up a set of nice M3 seats a few weeks back, only thing wrong with them was the driver side seat lever was broken off. I ordered #52108267507 from ECS two weeks ago and it finally came yesterday. I used pliers to take off what was left of the broken handle and now it seems...
  11. E46 Sedan WTB E46 sedan interior NB or black

    My seats are coming apart at the seams and I'm thinking it will be less expensive to purchase new seats than removing and recovering. I'm looking for seats to replace the black leather in my 05 ZHP sedan power sport seats without lumbar, heating, or fold down rear. I'd prefer natural brown...
  12. Any E46 E46 front seats for sale

    For sale are 2 front seats from my 325xi, 2003. Bolster on drivers side outboard is torn open. Other than that they are pretty mint and fully functional. Until I figure out how to post pics on here text me for pics. 717682 4 2 six two
  13. Cloth seat "piping"

    General E46 Forum
    Hello all, New around here so I hope I've put this topic in the right place. I've just picked myself a 318ci (I know... but it was an upgrade from my e36 316i compact... slowly working my way up) and I've noticed the vinyl(?) coating on the cloth seat piping is prone to wearing off. I couldn't...
  14. FS: E46 M3 Black Leather Seats-SOLD

    Decided to sell my M3 Seats. Pm me if interested. Price drop to $600 Original: I just purchased a set of powered M3 front seats, which are a nice upgrade over the sport seats my zhp originally came with. The previous owner had the...
  15. Full Grey Interior Set e46 M3

    For sale. Full Interior set in Dove Grey. For 1,000 OBO Willing to ship. Located in Colorado All of the below is on a pallet. wrapped in shrink wrap I went overkill, and strapped down with ratchet straps that are free to a lucky buyer. and then shrink wrapped again to ensure proper shipment...
  16. v for leather seats

    General E46 Forum
    I am in the thick of a complete interior redo (it looks awesome, and I will post the story eventually). Next stage is replacing the leather on the seats and headrests. I don't want to do (no chance it can be excellent at that price). I am in $2k already on the refresh, and I can...
  17. Full Grey Interior Including carpet and plastic pieces

    Hey Guys. I have a 2001 M3 Coupe with Grey Interior I Plan on doing a interior swap for Imola Red. I have not Purchased the new interior yet so this is just a feeler. Trying to get interest in it before it goes up for sale. Iv'e only had the car for 2 days so I can't tell you much. I detailed...
  18. OEM Front Driver & Passenger Seat Swap

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    Hey all, I've been trying to research swapping the leather from one front seat to the other, and couldn't find anything promising. I've had my M3 for a little bit now, and with 100k miles, and several previous owners the front driver's seat is quite worn. Thankfully there are no tears in the...
  19. WTB Looking for sports seats

    Hi, I'm looking for a pair of front sport seats for a 2005 325xi sedan. I would prefer a set with power, memory, and heat. Black or beige is preferred.
  20. Looking for Vader Seats

    Looking for e36 Vader Seats any color, any material, any condition. Please contact me on here or Phone: 770-519-5881