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  1. E46 Convertible Seat Backrest Lock error(s)

    E46 Convertible
    Hi all, I've been scouring the forums, but haven't been able to find a situation quite the same as mine. And by the way - all that contribute and reply? You're awesome! I see the responses on here, and people's willingness to help each other blows me away... I asked my mechanic to read the...
  2. GUIDE: Power Seat Stuck After adjusting too much? Follow this

    General E46 Forum
    So I posted a thread here the other day about help for my driver seat, which was stuck in the forward most position, as I moved it there so I could vacuum underneath the seats. When I tried to move it back, it wouldn't budge. Here are the symptoms I had. - Switch Clicks, but the seat doesn't...
  3. Driver Seat Stuck in forward position

    General E46 Forum
    So I was vacuuming out my car, and moved the driver seat quite forward. I am now unable to move it back. The motors for recline, and thigh adjustment both work, they are in the same button. I don't think there is anything in the tracks, and I'm just wondering if you guys know how to fix this...
  4. Broken expansion tank bracket ?

    General E46 Forum
    So I currently have an issue whereby Iv broken the expansion tank mount where the ET top hangar is meant to hang on to. Could this be the reason why I can't seem to get the Expansion tank to seat no matter how hard I push down ?
  5. Any E46 SOLD: Corbeau FIA Forza Sports with sliding mounts !

    All SOLD. 2 Lightly used black cloth FIA approved Corbeau Forza Sport seats, p/n FIA29101. Retail is $319 each. 1 As new Corbeau p/n E2022T E46 driver sliding bracket. $105 . . . 1 As new Corbeau p/n E2023T E46 passenger sliding bracket. $105 1 Used fabricated/welded non-sliding bracket...
  6. Heated seat issue

    General E46 Forum
    I've had this car for about a year now and it's time to finally figure out what is wrong with my heated seats. I've checked the fuses so far and they are fine. When touching the buttons on both sides the lights all flash once and that is it. Any ideas before I start blindly buying parts? Here...
  7. Seat memory module

    E46 Convertible
    Hi I have a 323I 2000 convertible, does anyone know what each memory module under each seat individually controls. Reason im asking this is im having problems with my mirrors tilting up (if I unplug the mirror switch the mirrors stop tilting) the switch doesn't work either and my passenger seat...
  8. Electric seat fault

    General E46 Forum
    Hi I have a e46 convertible and the passenger side electric seat only works backwards or when lowering. I have tested the switches, Motors, fuses and I have wound the mechanism with a drill by taking the motors off and everything's free and moving properly. Please help
  9. WTB: Tan Drivers Seat Sedan

    Parting Out
    Just looking for a tan drivers seat for my 2001 sedan, electric, don't need heated but I'll certainly take it if it is. I'm located in PA. Thanks!
  10. E46 Bucket Seats

    General E46 Forum
    Hey guys, I was just wondering do any of you have bucket/racing seats in a grey interior. I am trying to decipher what color bucket/racing seats I should get that would not look totally weird with a grey/black interior. Just drop some pictures of your interior! Thanks!:thumbsup:
  11. BMW E46 tan sport seats - $250 + shipping

    This is a set of manual adjust BMW E46 sport seats, which came out of a 2000 model E46 sedan. The seats are now located in north Florida. As usual, the driver seat is in need of upholstery, but the passenger seat is nearly perfect (no rips, tears, or noticeable wear). Seat belt pretensioners...
  12. WTB E46 Vert Sport Driver's Seat

    Friends, Looking for a unicorn. Does anyone have, or even know of, a driver's seat for E46 vert (sport package) in cloth? I have Hellbeige leather interior now, and the left bolster on the driver's seat is showing some significant wear. I'm interested in either reupholstering my current...
  13. Cinnamon Seats for m3 or Coupe!

    I have up for sale the Cinnamon seats out of my 2005 e46 m3. This add is just for the front and rear seats only. This does not include the door cards. The rear seats and the passenger seat are in immaculate condition. The driver seat is still in amazing condition but it does have a few creases...
  14. How about a sticky for Donor disassembly FAQ?

    Spec E46 racing class forum
    How about a (moderated) sticky topic for donor car disassembly FAQ ? Growing the class depends 100% on new cars being built, so how about using the group's collective wisdom to save new builders time and trouble ??? My first submission would be: Remove the front seats and side windows before...
  15. Electric seat not working! HELP!

    General E46 Forum
    Hi im new in the comunity, i bought a 328i and the passenger seat doesnt recline, so i desairm it and i found that it has 3 ekectric motors each one with a gearbox, one of that gearbox is not working, where cam i buy it?? Thankss
  16. E46 M3 WTB: Black Interior Carpet, Rear Seat, Trim, Dash, etc.

    Hello All, First, let me start off by saying that this forum is a great tool and has a wealth of information that has helped me on numerous occasions. And I've only had my E46 M3 for months! Thank you all for the fantastic help and ideas on keeping our cars running in mint condition. I'm...
  17. DIY - Repair Netting on My Convertible Seats

    General E46 Forum
    After years of looking at this::thumbdwn: I decided to make them look like this :thumbsup: The process that I followed was fairly easy. If you try to follow yourself, remember that you do it at your own risk and make sure you do it outside where the plastic fumes won't bother you. In order...
  18. 2003 M3 passenger mirror moves when i move my seat

    General E46 Forum
    Okay i am having a pretty interesting problem. My passenger side mirror moves all the way up or to the right when i adjust my seat, now i have memory seats and i have all my Mirror's and seat positions set but when i went to switch my seat position my Passenger side mirror moves. Even if i...
  19. Seat Memory Issues

    General E46 Forum
    Hi all. My seat memory either does not store my seat positions or its stores them but but pressing the memory position switches does not recall them - just a load of random movement. Also, the mirrors do not move either - and the key certainly does not trigger the positions either. One side...
  20. E46 Convertible WTB Black Leather Front Sport Seat Covers

    Looking to buy oem front seat covers for a 2004 convertible with black (schwartz) leather sport seats. Must be in very good condition with no rips or tears. I'd prefer just the covers but would consider complete replacement black leather convertible sports seats with seat heaters. Please let...