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  1. E46 General
    Hey guys, I'm going to replace my rocker cover gasket this weekend on my 325ti and I'm just wondering if these 'Loctite 5990 Premium Silicone Copper Gasket Maker/Sealant' would do the job when applying to the 4 corners? Any help appreciated thank you.
  2. Car Care
    So ClaytonL mentioned starting a thread about this. What products/methods/routines do you guys use to wash your cars? Any special tricks for minimizing swirl marks? What products do you NOT recommend? Interior or Exterior things. I use: Wash: Chemical Guys Citrus Wash Blue Grout Sponge...
  3. Car Care
    I just got some PB EX-P sealant and I'm anxious to use it and see results. I'm going to wash, claybar, then apply the sealant. I know the sealant needs 24hrs for a full cure before I apply my wax for best results. On the downside, where I live there are late afternoon/night thunderstorms on an...
1-3 of 3 Results