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  1. E46 320d ticking noise 2nd attempt

    General E46 Forum
    I posted here before but didn't have any luck. i have a video now of my problem and would literally worship anyone who can tell me what the solution is. This isn't my car but its exactly the same sound.
  2. FS: E46 Saloon black leather seats *UK seller*

    Standard black leather E46 saloon seats up for grabs including the very rarely specified ski-hatch cut out and bag. Photos below the details: Details * Front seats both *immaculate*. Really excellent condition. No bolster wear, scratches or marks. * Rear seats in very good condition, couple...
  3. What Alloys Would Fit My E46 Saloon

    General E46 Forum
    Hi this might be the stupidest question i have asked on here so far however cannot find any info on google. Would 225 X 40 X 18 KHAN RSC ALLOYS Fit my e46 4dr saloon (sedan) dont really know much...
  4. looking for a spoiler

    General E46 Forum
    i was interested in getting a spoiler for my w(2000) 4door saloon. i quite like the M3 lip spoiler on the new model. would this fit? or would i have to buy the M3 spoiler of the same year? Are there any sugesstions of what i should get to set my car off.. thanks