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  1. Cheap or budget exhaust for 330ci

    E46 Convertible
    I was just gifted an 05 330ci convertible from my grandparents and am looking to start upgrading it. Does anyone have any recommendations for mufflers or exhaust systems around or bellow $500. I don't want it to be too loud but I would really want to get some deep rumbling especially in the low...
  2. Strange acceleration rumble, what could it be?

    General E46 Forum
    Searched around a few different sites and forums, but haven't found an exact replica of my issue. Based on what I have found though, I know that it will be difficult to self diagnose the issue, So I want to get a list of potential issues to bring to my mechanic for investigation. During...
  3. Possible vanos issue? Cold start rumble.

    ///M3 Forum
    So I've had a rough cold start idle since I bought my car back in January 2014. The car had 88,000 miles on it. It now has 96000 miles. I figure I inquire about this before there is any serious issue. My car has no check engine light, EML etc. When I start it up in the morning, it has a rumble...
  4. Whirring and Droning Noise driving me crazy

    General E46 Forum
    Hey Fellow e46rs, After an hour of searching, I haven't found any threads that match my condition. I have two issues that I am trying to work out and need someone else's opinion. Issue (1): I have a loud rumble/drone when my car get up around 40 mph. It is throttle dependent and not gear...
  5. smeels like gas and rumbling noise

    General E46 Forum
    I would really appreciate some advice. it smellis like gas (inside and outside the car) and there is a rumbling noise that can be heard only on the inside of the car and only when i press the gas.:ben::banghead: i recently had gotten a flat and two days after driving with the spare (around...
  6. 99 323i rumble noise in the rain! Help!

    General E46 Forum
    My 323i has 132k on it, everything is going wrong. Im about to put it into the shop for a big overhaul of the coolant system and replace a first bank cat, and now I've got a new noise: It's pouring out here in east Hampton and driving home today in the rain caused my car to moan and rumble...
  7. Auto tranny rumble

    E46 Xi Forum
    The previous owner of my 04 325Xi had the automatic transmission fluid changed out by a local (non-bmw) shop. I just noticed when the weather got cold that the car rumbles at stop and in drivee. When the car is in neutral, there is no rumble. Its more like a shaking, car needs to go rumble...