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  1. Tony Saggu fender rolling and pulling!

    Tire & Wheel Forum
    Went out yesterday to get my fenders on my e46 m3 rolled due to a very aggressive offset/wheel that I will be running. Tony ended up shaving my rear fenders and doing a 5mm pull in the front and Ive got to say some of the best work Ive seen. From the outside everything looks exactly how it...
  2. Rolling Front Fenders (DON'T DO IT!)

    General E46 Forum
    So I got a chance to roll my rear fenders this past weekend, and it was such a hassle because of the sticky rubber lining, I couldn't roll as far as I needed to. Anyway, I figured since I had the roller, might as well do the front fenders, that was a mistake. It was EASY, but I didn't realize...
  3. Tire advice (with spacers and rolling)

    General E46 Forum
    So I spent the better part of sunday trying to roll/stretch the fenders on my 2002 e46 330Ci Convertible. Let me tell you it's a son of b**ch to do because of some crap rubber stuff lining the rear lip. Anyway, I currently have 255/30/19s (rims 19x9.5) on the rear. It looked like it cleared...
  4. 330Ci wheel fitment w/ eibach prokit

    Tire & Wheel Forum
    I just picked up a set of wheels 18x8"--18x9" both ET38. Im going to be putting them on my 02' 330Ci sport package with eibach prokit springs. Anyone running a similiar setup that can suggest a good tire size to run with these wheels safely. Im also wondering if fender rolling is going to be...
  5. November 14 Miami mini Meet at Tropical Park

    The Showroom
    I want to personally thank everyone for coming and cant wait for next event which will be held Dec 5 Here are some pictures for now and hope everyone can post more :) On the way to the keys....