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roll cage
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  1. Spec E46 racing class
    SOLD. Thanks for the interest. Kirk Racing bolt-in 6 point roll cage for E46. Bolts, nyloc nuts and backing plates are included. Prefer not to ship it, but let's talk!
  2. Spec E46 racing class
    Sold. Thanks.
  3. Motorsports, Track
    Im looking for the best/cheapest bolt in cage for a e46 328 saloon, suitable for racing and track days. i am open to weld in cages too but would prefer a bolt in cage for ease of fitting and removal. can anyone recommend a cage for me to look into as am struggling to find an "off the shelf"...
  4. E46 General
    Hey guys figured I'd post up the question on here since after awhile of google searches I just can't find anything. If the harness bar from the m3 will fit into the 330ci? Been looking for a harness bar and can't find any that say 3 series. Just m3. And when I phone them up asking this...
  5. E46 Sponser Group Buys
    What's up fellow M owners:hi: Im going to give 5 lucky m drivers a great opportunity! Auto Power Currently makes a 4pt and 6pt bolt in roll cage for the e46 m3. I have just ordered one for the shop car which will be getting here tomorrow and installed and taken pictures of as well. I need 5...
1-5 of 5 Results