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  1. Any E46 WTB:Rain Light Sensor

    Just as the title says, I am looking for a rain light sensor from an e46. The part number should end in a 4 and not a 6.
  2. Yet Another Rain Sensor + Electrochromatic Mirror Retrofit (done cleanly as possible)

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    (Still writing, come back tommorow) I couldn't find a good E46 specific DIY for the rain light sensor and auto-dim mirror... so after doing this I figured I could document as best I can and start a thread to describe how mine worked out. Here I will manage and put all the info I can find and...
  3. What about other brands of subwoofers

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    I was checking up and was reading about a couple of brands that I don't know anything about, are this brands familiar to you? And what comments do you have SQ wise....? Thanks. incriminator audio Flatline 12" soundsplinter RL-S 12" treo TSX or CSX 12"...