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  1. Sport suspension difference btw 325xi and 325xi Touring?

    E46 Xi Forum
    Hey guys. I have seen some talk about the differences between the sport package in the Tourings vs the Sedans and Coupes. I have a line on a '02 325Xi Touring with a Manual and Sport Package and Premium Package that is for sale, however, I will have to travel to pick it up. Before I make the...
  2. Ride comfort 18 vs. 17 inch, E46 coupe

    Tire & Wheel Forum
    Hello all, I have recently bought myself a wonderful bmw 320cd, from 2005. One which I have wanted for a long time, but the owned did not wanted to sell it to me. It has a lot of extras, has run only 110 tkm and looks fantastic. Probably the once that is missing is the M-package, but it is...
  3. ZHP Suspension Questions

    Suspension & Braking
    Hello again! After the wonderful responses I received last time I posted, I have elected to present to you all 3 more issues/questions! And yes I posted 3 threads with different titles to differentiate! Suspension: I've had my car for a few months, and am aware of the difference in ride...
  4. Hard Suspension/Normally Rough Ride?

    Suspension & Braking
    I've only had my car for less than 2 months but it seems the M3 has a rough ride. I feel like when it hits a bump, big or small, it seems to just send it straight to the chassis. I've only driven one non-M E46 and it is significantly much better drive. There's no clanging noises when I hit bumps...
  5. Ride Quality?

    General E46 Forum
    How bad would the ride quality be going from a 17'' wheel to a 19'' wheel? I am thinking about getting some 19'' csl reps, but i've heard the ride can be pretty bad. Anyone have experience with this?
  6. My Recent Purchase (2000 e46 323i)

    The Showroom
    Hey, thought id show you all my new ride. I am only 18 so I cant complain ;):craig: Exterior Mods: Full Tornado Style Body Kit, HID headlights, LED Tails, 18" JLINE Rims, Chrome Grill, Debadged, Carbon Emblems, Carbon Side Pilars, AC Schnitzer Lip spoiler, Dinan Power mirrors, Light Tint...
  7. 2003 330Cic suspension for comfort - due to back problems

    Suspension & Braking
    Help me, please, if you can. To cut to the chase, just jump to the bold text below. Wednesday 6/17, my wife and I finally joined the ranks of BMW owners, purchasing a 2003 330Ci convertible, with sport package (as it turned out). She drove it a total of perhaps 20 minutes before we made the...