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  1. Anyone Run the Hamann Grand Am Wing?

    ///M3 Forum
    I know this is different and edging on ricey. :evil: But has anyone ran the e36 ltw / Hamann Grand Am Wing? I have only seen one on a Fanatics car and it looked really good in my opinion I know its similar to the e36 ltw wing. Id love to run a high-rise verision, but all I can find is Hamann...
  2. Does this qualify as a r!cer?

    General E46 Forum
    Post your opinions. Ive heard from some that it is, and some that it isnt. Obviously we are talking about the wing here ;) EDIT: More pics.
  3. New Varis Products for E46 M3

    The Showroom
    VRS E46M3 Street Spec VRS E46M3 CSL Circuit Spec As the title says, it's circuit spec :read:, that might be the reason for the busy front and the huge wing... Hopefully this isn't a repost ;)