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  1. Australia
    Hi all, I have spent a while searching around for headers for my 2001 330i, but everything I come across seems to be LHD only. Apparently this is due to the steering column. How much work is it to get LHD ones to fit? Has anyone got any experience with RHD headers, do they exist somewhere? Thanks.
  2. Driveline, Performance, Tuning
    So I have a question for those more knowledgeable - should include most of you. I'm thinking of getting a Borla cat back exhaust system for my 2002 E46 330i. Only thing is, my car is a RHD. It already has Schmiedmann RHD headers on which fit to the stock exhaust with a little enthusiasm. I'm...
  3. DIY Guides
    Ok so a piece inside the lock barrel has broken on the right hand side driver door. I bought a repair kit off ebay and dismantled it without taking note of what position the spring was in. Now i have a problem All the youtube videos showing how to put it back together are for the left hand...
  4. E46 General
    anyone interested in buying this front clip? auto trans with M54 engine, no haters please
  5. Lighting
    Hello Forum Members :bow: :read: As The Title Suggests Im One Of Those Typical Newbies That Cant Hook Up Some Basic Cables Following Numerous Guides :cry: Anyway To The Point, Ive Searched Around Heaps For Any Right Hand Drive Wiring Guides To Help Me Set Up Some Angel Eyes, But To No Avail...
1-5 of 5 Results