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  1. ECS Tuning Billet Aluminium Oil Filter Cap Review

    General E46 Forum
    Introduction: The ECS Tuning Billet Aluminium Oil Filter Cover is a simple replacement to the stock oil filter cap. While in most cases, there is no reason to replace it other than for aesthetic reasons, there have been some instances where the cap has actually broken due to improper torque, or...
  2. Richard Hammond Loved the E46 Back In The Day

    General E46 Forum I am guessing that many, if not most, of my fellow forum members have seen this. But just in case, here is a post from Jalopnik in which Mr. Hammond extoles the virtues of the E46 for all.
  3. Honest Review on KYB GR2s

    General E46 Forum
    Hi everyone, New to this site , but not new to working on BMs/cars in general... I currenlty drive around a 2001 325 CI pretty stock other than a set of driller rotors , factory sport supension, 18'' wheels on Yokohama S track 235s in the front 245s in the rear. Anyways My shocks and...
  4. Review: ECSTuning BMW E46 3-Series carbon fiber strut brace

    General E46 Forum
    I installed my new ECSTuning carbon fiber strut brace and I am very pleased with the quality, fit, and finish. As you can see, I chose to re-use the existing OE hardware just for looks although I am confident in the ECSTuning supplied hardware would work just as well with their nylon lock nuts...
  5. **Review: Swift Motorworks RTAB Limiters**

    Suspension & Braking
    Purpose: I purchased RTAB Limiters from Swift Motorworks a few months ago (before they were a forum sponsor). For those who don't know what RTAB limiters do, they limit the amount of torsion placed on the RTABs. The RTABs on the e46 and many other BMWs are known to wear quickly because they have...
  6. First car BMW e46 320Ci.

    General E46 Forum
    Hi guys, This is m first post :s I currently have a e30 318i but its time to part from it and ive only had it for 6 months. So im looking at buying my first car that i plan on having for a while ( a 320Ci MY2001) Now im wondering are they any good, yes i know they dont have incredible amounts...
  7. VMR VB3- Mod Bargians

    Buyer/Seller Feedback Forum
    I just orederd a set of VMR VB3 csl rep wheels in hyperblack from This was my first purchase from them. Their customer service was phenomenal to say the least. When Frank asked me what I was looking for I told him and he brought everything up instantly in the exact size/fitment...
  8. DICE MEDIABRIDGE MB1500 with Brodit Holder Review

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    Well I have finally completed my Iphone integration. I have an Iphone 4 (iOS 5), Brodit pass through holder & a Dice Mediabridge MB1500. Thought I would post a quick review for those of you who are thinking about buying a Mediabridge unit. Here are some pics of my finished install: INSTALL...
  9. big Khoalty order review - honesty!

    Buyer/Seller Feedback Forum
    Alright, so i bought around $250 dollars worth of upgrades via Khoalty and i will review each individual piece. I know there is lots of speculation as to Khoalty's product quality and so on so this should clear any questions up. here are the products. Matte Black Grills: price wise and quality...
  10. ECIS intake...WOW

    General E46 Forum
    So I hopped in a drove a bit after installing the intake, looking for the promised throttle response and that fabled sound everyone mentions about CAI's. After a few minutes and only hearing a little whistle I was getting kinda disappointed, not to mention annoyed at the slow-ass car in front...
  11. Top Speed Race Muffler: My experience

    ///M3 Forum
    Hey guys, If you are considering buying a Top Speed Race muffler, please read my long-winded experience/review. I bought a Top Speed muffler a few months ago through Ebay. It had very few reviews, but it was so cheap that I figured it was worth a shot. I paid a couple hundred bucks for it and...
  12. Where should i buy M-Tech bumpers from?

    General E46 Forum
    I have decided between ddm tuning or umnitza to buy my bumpers. I was wondering what reviews people have on these two companies. I would prefer umnitza because the shipping is much less. And I live near buy so I may try and do a will call. I was just wondering how fitment is for each of these...
  13. Sillieidiot | Euro-Division High Powered LED Interior Kit Review

    Lighting Forum
    Hey everyone :hi:, I got a review for you. Been really busy so I never got the time to post the review until now. As many of you know, I had F1 Autohaus ones in my car. But me being a "lighting freak," I just gotta buy stuff and try them out. This kit from Euro-Division came out awhile back and...
  14. RaceLand Coilover Review

    Suspension & Braking
    Yes, I bought the $258 coilovers from ebay. Flame if you want, I know a few people on here that already will. I will try and give the best review I can for everyone here. Previous Set-Up: My previous suspension was h&r sports with no spring pads on stock shocks. Since my car was pretty low...
  15. Please Chime In on These Coilover Options

    Suspension & Braking
    I am ready to pop for coil overs. I am tired of the gap up front and I want to set the ride height the way I want it. I'm looking for a ride that is not harsh so I am opting for damper adjustment. The main point is ride quality, nothing that will be harsh. I will not be tracking this car. It's...
  16. Federal 595 Tire Review

    Tire & Wheel Forum
    Before buying some new tires I tried searching on e46fans for any e46 guys reviews on Federal 595 tires, I didn't really find anything too relevant with a good review, so I made this thread to give a review to the best of my abilities. The reasons why i bought the 595s are because I've heard...