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  1. 330i sitting up for a year, what should i expect out of it?

    General E46 Forum
    So right now I have had this 01 330i for about a year. It has 298k miles on it and it still pulls hard and drives exceptionally smooth (Ive only had one case of the tranny slipping from first to second). But i havent replaced the tires, spark plugs, or anything major on it. The only thing that...
  2. car wont got over 5000 rpms..

    General E46 Forum
    i have a 2000 328ci and its misfiring.. i pulled he codes and its said 1 and 5 misfiring so i changed the spark plugs and nothing changed. then also i have no power at all.. i floor it and there is no power and as soon as it gets to 5000 rpm its wont shift into next gear. it will sit at 6000...
  3. BMW 318 problems! Loss of power/won't rev

    General E46 Forum
    Have owned my bmw 318ci 1.9 1999 for over a year now and it's not been a too bad car until now. The other day after re fueling my car started to splutter and struggle to pull away. It also wouldn't rev past 4k. Soon after engine management came on and it went into limp mode. Thought maybe dodgy...
  4. Custom Exhaust and Wald International Bumper E90

    E90Fanatics Showroom
    By m-power houston custom exhaust and Wald International bumper painted and installed by m-power. Sounds and looks great, check it out.
  5. How to rev engine from enginebay - bmw e46 320Ci 2000

    General E46 Forum
    New to the forums :D wohoo! Anyway! Hey! My question is: How do i rev my cars engine from the enginebay? My friend owns a beautiful e36 320ci. He can rev the engine directly from the engine bay. I wonder if I can do the same on my e46 320ci 2000? Is that even possible? Please help! :craig:
  6. Rev Problems - HELP!

    General E46 Forum
    I have a 2002 320i with a mechanical/technical problem that has yet to be properly diagnosed (despite significant effort). Symptoms are as follows: - While driving with RPM between approximately 1500 and 2500 the tachometer will bounce up and down between approximately 1200 and 2000 RPM. This...