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  1. Burning through FSU's & related issues

    General E46 Forum
    When I bought my '99 323i the blower was stuck on and the fuse box had been soaked from the car sitting under a tree and pine needles clogging the drainage. I've installed two new FSU units, one cheaper one and a more spendy Behr. Both worked for the first few minutes then died. Both also got...
  2. Interior Led Resistor Mounting Question

    Lighting Forum
    Hi, I did changed my interior bulbs to led's and they look great...but they needed resistors and at the moment it's hanging by the passenger footwell. Any good places to put it? It seems to get extremely hot so I don't want to stick it inside of the footwell light. I was thinking about screwing...
  3. Khoalty Replacement Resistor / Ballast for Eagle Eye LED Tail Lights

    Lighting Forum
    Khoalty replacement Resistor / Ballast for Eagle Eye LED Tail Lights Recently I was lucky enough to get sent a test set of these replacement resistors for my Eagle Eye LED tail lights. I’ve had EE tails for two years and the passenger side resistor that came with my tail lights had begun...
  4. Turn signal load resistor install question

    Lighting Forum
    I just ordered LED turn signal bulbs for my 2003 325i and because of that I had to order the resistors also. They won't come in until tomorrow and I'm pretty sure it's easy to install, but I have a question before I receive and install them tomorrow. When I install the resistor do I jus let it...
  5. DIY VIDEO: Final Stage Resistor

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    Here you go guys. Tools needed: - Philips screwdriver - Ratchet - 2" extension - 6-8" extension - Torx 20 bit - 1/4" adapter socket - 3/8" to 1/4" adapter - A pillow to lay on (if you want) Part number 64116920365 One tip that someone told me that you can skip is taking out the glovebox...
  6. Where are you guys mounting your angel eye resistors?

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    Dear e46fanatics, I ordered a two sets of Orion V2's from Umnitza, one for me and one for my brother but after installing them in the headlights of my brother's car and routing the black/red wires to the rear of the headlight through the rubber boot, the resistor pack (the white box) has no...
  7. DIY: Rear LED turn signals and Load EQs (courtesy of LSUKNUT)

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    This is an installation guide for LED turn signals bulb and Load EQs for proper flash and no error lights. courtesy of LSUKNUT :bow: F1 Autohaüs LED Rear Turn Signal Installation E46 1. Open the trunk and remove bulb carrier by twisting the knob to the left. Pull the bulb carrier straight...