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  1. Rear Subframe Advice

    General E46 Forum
    Hi all. New to the forum and first post here. I used to have an E30 and it was the best car Ive ever had. just got my 2000 323i sedan about a week ago knowing it had the notorious subframe separation issue. 124k on the odometer and the car is otherwise very clean. Talked the guy down to $2500...
  2. Naperville-Ill. GREAT Shop for service Performance Werks

    General E46 Forum
    I just wanted to put up a thread for anyone looking for a Great Service shop. Performance Werks, Naperville, IL. is by far the most impressive shops I have used in years. This is my 4th Bimmer and I have spent Thousands of $ on services I couldn't do myself in the garage. This is my 1st e46...
  3. URGENT ADVICE: gotta call the shop back

    General E46 Forum
    I took my 2002 330i with 106k miles on it for it's 100k Inspection 2. The shop called back with additional work. The car runs well, the engine light comes on every once in a while. The inspection was $619, but with the additional work is coming out to $2,450 (I'm in LA). What would you do if...