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  1. BMW e46 fender roller

    General E46 Forum
    Does anyone in the North Alabama area know of any place or one that i could rent a fender roller from? Im trying to lower my car even more but rub on my fenders. Pls help!
  2. Any E46 Front and Rear Differential Tools For Rent

    Suspension and Braking
    I have the front and rear diff bushing tools available for rent. These are the tools you will need to press out your old bushings and press the new ones in. Rental Price: $70 including one way shipping Deposit: $200 Rental Length: One Week from the date on which they are received Rental...
  3. .::Fender Roller for Rent - Bay Area/Sacramento Area::.

    Hey guys, Ive got a fender roller for rent if anyone is interested. Heat gun would be included and the price would be $20 for a week. I would also ask that you leave a deposit of either $250 or collateral of some kind. Anything that goes missing or breaks would be deducted from the deposit...
  4. RTAB Tool Available for Rent (Bay Area/Santa Clara)

    Hi everyone, I just replaced my RTAB's (Rear Trailing Arm Bushings) with my buddy this weekend and wanted to offer this tool to anyone who wants to replace their RTAB's. The tool made everything so easy that I just can't image tackling this project on without it. It is very simple to use and...