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  1. E46 General
    Hello all, before I post this topic I'd just like to say I didn't find any information I needed about the e46 platform. I have recently put on a really super nice Remus performance muffler which definitely sounds good, but it's just not loud enough for my taste. I'm going to be uploading a...
  2. E46 General
    So I have found a guy on Craigslist selling a brand new still in the packaging remus exhaust (just the muffler) for $400 and I'm very tempted to go pick it up today. From what Ive been able to read Remus used to offer a few different types of exhausts for the e46 (Wildlabel, powersound) but now...
  3. Driveline
    Anyone in southern california interested in trading exhausts? I have a remus exhaust. It's a little too quiet for my taste. This exhaust has NO drone and actually sounds nice, but I have 2 AR20s on and want something more aggressive and I don't mind a little drone. Looking for something like a...
  4. Driveline
    Selling my Remus Race Exhaust. Had it on my car for approx 8 months. One of the best sounding exhausts for the E46. Daily drives great (not too loud), but when you step on it, it screams. Makes the car sound more like a V8 even. The exhaust is in perfect condition. I bought it new 8 months ago...
  5. Driveline
    Remus exhaust out from a 2002 bmw 3-series e46 part: e4-030878 made in Austria Item is used. It was repainted with a higher quality paint - no rust the muffler was posted on ebay in May 15th and I sold it 5 hours later, but I havent recieved the payment from the buyer :ben: ebay will close...
  6. F30 General
    http://www.bimmerfest.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=340514&d=1346881402 For those looking for an aftermarket exhaust Remus has teased us with the initial details and photos of their F30 328i exhausts. They're offering a stock layout dual left side pipes, and a more wild quad exhaust...
  7. BC, AB, Saskatchewan, Manitoba
    hey everyone!! im in the hunt for an aftermarket performance exhaust for a 2001 330ci.. looking for something like a remus or activeworks... let me know what u have and ill consider.. thanks everyone in advance!!:thumbup:
  8. Driveline
    I have a REMUS muffler that will fit 325/330 that is brand new and I might consider selling. I am just looking to see if there is any interest. I will provide more info and pictures once I get some interest. Would prefer a local sale, but might be willing to ship.
  9. E46 Showroom
    Reverse Camera Install AVIC-Z110BT DD DOUBLE DIN Finally installed the Reverse Cam to finish up my DD install. My eBay cam actually shipped alot quicker from overseas than I expected and was WAY better quality than I expected. :thumbsup: Fit perfectly for where I wanted to mount it and the...
1-9 of 10 Results