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  1. DIY Guides
    diy remap your bmw e46 how to remap your bmw in three simple steps I offer DIY ( Do it yourself ) remap you car How does work? in three simple steps: 1.Read your original ECU file with MPPS; Fgtech Galetto; Kess etc (buy this iterfaces from ebay / aliexpress from 50$ ) 2.Send the original...
  2. E46 General
    My 325i M54 stationwagon (Euro-spec) is having serious computer issues (Idle control is almost non-existent, Cruise control is not working, unbelievable throttle delay, engine revving-up when shifting gears, even with foot off the throttle, as well as other fuel-tank related problems: unrelated...
  3. Australia
    Hi guys, I'm just about to start building a new M3 track car and i've been trying to find someone in Melbourne who has some experience in tuning a S85 V10 using an aftermarket stand alone computer. I can find places that flash the stock ecu, but thats not gonna work with a stripped out car...
1-3 of 3 Results