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  1. 2004 330ci Manual Convertible. 72k miles, good buy?

    General E46 Forum
    Hello, I am new to this forum. I have found 2004 330CI manual Convertible with 72K miles. No accidents or damage on CarFax. Regular oil changes completed... Here are the things that have been done to it in terms of maintenance in last 23k miles: Oxygen Sensor Battery Thermostat and Outlet...
  2. 2002 BMW 330i vs 2000 BMW 328i

    General E46 Forum
    I have been looking at these two cars and the 328i was a one owner that was taken care of maticulously and has 0 problems what so ever and has 120,000 miles. The 330i is a 3 owner car with 155,000 miles, looks to be in pretty good condition with nothing major wrong with it just a few body dings...
  3. 330i reliable

    General E46 Forum
    im looking into buying an e46 and have been told that he 330,s are more reliable, and after doing some research im pretty set on a 330 but just wanted to know if they really are more reliable
  4. Going to be buying my first e46...maybe

    General E46 Forum
    Little background...22 years old, new to forum, huge driving enthusiast, never owned a BMW, looking to buy a 325Ci. Simple. I currently own a Ford explorer and I hate it, it's a lemon but I've done a few repairs to make it manageable, but by no means is it a pleasure to drive. (For a driving...
  5. how many reliable miles ona zhp?

    General E46 Forum
    Hi Guys, I've been considering getting another zhp 330. I'm curious about reliability over 100,000 miles. Any high miles zhp owners out there? If so, have you had any major repairs? :hmm:
  6. Question about the 318i E46? Help would be nice.

    General E46 Forum
    I might be purchasing a BMW 318i e46 shortly. The people selling it to me is a special company that takes different cars, reconditions them, checks them and replaces parts that are not up to their standards. They have a bmw 318i 2005 on sale which has only 19,000 km on the clock. Looks in great...
  7. Most reliable BMW?

    General E46 Forum
    Hi all, I'm a Bimmer noob and I know this is a noob post, but I didn't find any other thread that's exactly like it. Here's my situation. I drive a 2000 Mercedes S430, passed down to me from my father a few years back, and it's been the most unreliable piece of crap I have ever driven. After...