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  1. 2001 E46 325CI Now with 330 Engine - How to re-flash ECU

    General E46 Forum
    Hi All, I have just fitted my 325CI with a 330 Engine, However when you put the 330 ECU in the car wont start, but when you put the 325 (original ECU) the car starts & drives although it does seem very rough & don't really want to drive it. Does anyone have any ideas? I dont want to start to...
  2. lcm and cluster reflash, stealer bull??

    Lighting Forum
    ok so my 2004 M3 with factory fitted OEM LED rears is showing bulb out warnings...permanent for right side and intermitent for left side... ive been round the houses...earths..dodgy lcm...coding for leds....wiring joy. finally took it to a stealer..... conclusion, i need a new...
  3. 02 330XI - Xenon Headlight's Flashing Like Strobes / CPU Reflashed

    Lighting Forum
    I have 2002 330 XI. The car was a non-xenon model. I purchased some OEM bi-xenon head lights. I installed the head lights and everything worked fine. No lights on the dash showing head lights out and no flickering. Then the next day I am driving and the xenon lights get triggered because it...