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  1. A/C problem clogg not suree help!!

    General E46 Forum
    soo my a/c use to work a little it took almost an half an hour to get the car a little cool....but it was getting cool soo i bought a recharge kit one of those ones with the guages from autozone and tried to do it myself at the house the guy i bought the car from said it was low. i started the...
  2. A/C Recharge 56k beware

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    This is a DIY for recharging your A/C System. The vehicle being used is mine it is a 2002 325ci. I have a leak somewhere in the A/C system (have not diagnosed it yet) and have run low on Freon. I am going to show how to recharge and how to read the gauges. This is a very basic DIY, but should be...