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  1. E46 M3
    So yesterday we had a local M3 meet here in TX and were out in the twisties for a while and the car was doing GREAT! After letting the cars cool and talked for bout an hour or so we took off and were heading home. The car was still runnin great until after I stopped to get somethin to drink on...
  2. E46 General
    I'm in the middle of the dreaded rear wheel bearing DIY (I know, bad decision) and am unable to get the rear hub off. I've seen the very helpful TeamDFL DIY, but haven't experienced the same rear hub "miracle". I've tried a slide hammer and some prying from behind but it doesn't seem to be...
  3. E46 General
    Hi all, I got a minor problem with my E46 coupe, the rear brake warning lights comes on the dash board even though its working perfectly, never had problems with the brake lights but keeps going on for a while then eventually goes off for some time. What could the problem be? Also I have...
  4. rear

61-64 of 65 Results