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rear view

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    Greetings, I'm new to the list and to the BMW family. Got two used 325's this year and love them. On my 2003 325i, the auto-dimming mirror works fine. On the 2005 325xi Sportwagon, it just sits there. Has anyone worked on these mirrors? I see a lot of buying and selling of mirrors, but no...
  2. Exterior
    For sale are a pair or side rear view mirrors in Agean Blue from my 2004 E46 M3. One of the mirrors has a scratch in the top. Glass is in good condition. See pics. $300. $350 shipped continental US.
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    Hi all ! Looking for some advice really guys. I recently bought a 2001 330ci for the wife and the keyfob never worked. I assumed it would just be battery, etc, but oh no, the E46s are more complex than that. I took it into a BM garage today, who said it was not the fob, battery, etc, but that...
  4. rear view

    rear view

    white E36 cab in mirror
  5. Love It!!!

    Love It!!!

    Look at the Ass on that!!