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rear noise

  1. REAR drive axle issues - "Axial Play" spec for OUTER CV ?

    E46 Xi Forum
    How much in-out slop is allowable for OUTER CV joints on REAR axles? I recently began to notice noise from the rear suspension - right hand (passenger) side. It sounded like a slightly scuffing shoe on concrete, and it was definitely rotational. I checked for scraping fender liner, etc. It...
  2. Strange noise

    General E46 Forum
    Hey guys- I've started noticing a strange noise appearing to come from the rear of my '02 330ci. I only hear this "groaning" sound for about a second under heavy acceleration from a stop or very slow. I don't hear anything if I put the car under heavy acceleration at any other time or if I...
  3. Clunk when letting off the throttle

    Driveline, Engine & DME Tuning
    Guys, I have a 2001 330i sport with a 5 speed. It has 99K miles. recenlty I have noticed a slight to moderate "clunk" when I lift off the throttle. The sound appears to come from the rear of the car, and there is no vibraion in the shifter when this occurs. Sometimes it is very slight, and...
  4. E46 M3 Help please

    ///M3 Forum
    Well, i've read through about a million threads regarding a clunking/thumping/banging/etc noise from the rear end. It seems that everyone else can drive their cars whilst all this comotion is taking place, i can't! Well, my M, makes all the above mentioned sounds as soon as i half depress the...